We love cans here at We Brought Beer and thankfully the stigma attached to them is fading fast. Here’s our low-down on why we think craft beer in cans rocks!

American breweries have been canning their beers for a few years now, largely led by Oskar Blues with their Dale’s Pale Ale and it is now possible to get a healthy amount of US imported cans here in the UK.

But we’re catching up on this side of the pond too. BrewDog led the way when they started putting Punk IPA into cans a couple of years ago and, although controversial at first it proved to be a very popular stroke of genius. They’ve since put Dead Pony Club into cans and are awaiting arrival of their own canning line which should hopefully lead to more of their range being canned including Jackhammer (drool). In London, the move towards cans has also been gathering considerable pace of late with Camden Town canning both their own hells lager and the Byron burger lager that they also produce, closely followed by Beavertown and Four Pure who both launched their range in cans earlier this year. And just to top it off – we even have craft beer cans available in Wetherspoons, courtesy of Brooklyn based Six Point Brewery.

Can we? Yes we can!

So why do we love cans so much?

Five main reasons:

1. They keep the beer much much fresher, contrary to popular opinion. This is because (a) the packaging process is much less susceptible to oxygenisation (a serious hazard to fresh beer) and (b) the fact that the packaging keeps out all forms of light means there is no chance of a beer becoming lightstruck which in turns means no skunky beer! Therefore, US imports coming over in can are likely to be super fresh and tasty and you get better beer all round.

2. They are lighter and easier to carry around with you. Going to a BBQ or meeting friends in the park? Grab some cans. Climbing a mountain? Grab some cans. Cycling around the city and want to take some beers with you? Grab some cans. They are easier to pack into a rucksack, weigh much less for the same volume of liquid and are less likely to break and leak all over your stuff. Win Win Win!

3. They are super environmentally friendly. Cans have been around for donkeys years and local authorities are well setup to recycle them which makes it easier for you. But that’s not where their environmental credentials end – in addition, the process of producing cans is less energy intensive than in creating bottles and because they are lighter, they are more efficient to transport across the country, all helping to keep down greenhouse gas emissions.

4. They look awesome! Ok, I guess this isn’t a given inherent in cans and I’m sure there are/will be some design stinkers out there – but so far aesthetically we have been spoilt with can designs. Unlike a bottle label, cans give a larger canvas on which to paint a picture and brewers certainly seem to be embracing it. From Camden’s eclectic London scene, through to Beavertown’s graphic art style drawing, can designs are essentially works of art adding a new dimension to your beer drinking.

5. They chill down quicker – so you get to enjoy them sooner. Simple.

Can Can?

We still love the noble bottle of course and would never wish it ill. But we’re really excited about the potential that cans offer and hope to see many more breweries embracing them in the future.

We’ve got a fair few cans available in our Balham store and we’ll be increasing the range over the next few months in our aim to be the UK’s go to place for craft beer cans. So look out for the following in our Balham shop:


Beavertown Gamma Ray, 8 Ball, Quelle Saison and Smog Rocket
Four Pure Pils, Session IPA, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, IPA
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Torpedo
Central Coast Golden Glow Pale Ale, Catch 23 Rye Ale & Lucky Day IPA
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale and Mama’s Yella Pils