Beer is pretty. Not only the packaging but the liquid itself. There’s no denying it looks amazing in a fancy glass and as such, it’s really no surprise that a huge number of beer based accounts have popped up on Instagram over the past few years. People like photographing beer. People like looking at photos of beer.

With that in mind, we thought we’d bring you a list of some of the top accounts that we recommend you follow over on the Beerstagram. If we’ve missed any you think should be included, be sure to drop us a message and we’ll consider adding them in.

This account is run by Andy Norman, a former international distance runner and it combines his two passions – beer and running. We’re also pretty big fans of both and think they have a surprisingly strong link. What do we like most about IPA Adventures? It probably has to be his use of a seemingly endless selection of strange glassware – from jam jars to what seem to be vases. It certainly makes for an interesting feed as you’ll see. He’s also quite an appropriate logo!

Follow for: the strange glassware


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Whenever I see a beer with Idaho 7 in there I just can’t leave it alone. @willbeeringitall is with me on this! . This is Solar Dawn by @burntmillbrewery picked up 2 weeks ago at @cotteridgewines which weighs in at a sessionable 4.8% ABV. . Hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Idaho 7 this one pours a hazy Golden Orange with medium white head that I got rid of for the purposes of the picture. Due to beer name the glasswear theme was the sun. . In the gob intense flavour of pineapple, mango, orange peel, pine needles with that distinctive Idaho 7 bite. . For its low ABV this is a belter. . #beer #craftbeersnob #beeroftheday #craftbeer #craftbeernotcrapbeer #beerreviews #craftbeerlover #solardawn #craftnotcrap #craftbeerpics #craftbeercommunity #beeraficionado #correctglassware #craftbeerreviews #beergram #instabeer #beersofinstagram #beergeek #beersnob #burntmillbrewery #solar #beerblog #glasswear #ilovebeer #beeroclock #drinkcraft #picoftheday #ipa #ipaadventures

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This account activates the kid in us and not just because of the name! No, Beer Farts makes ingenious use of Lego figures in all of his posts, managing somehow to match the figures to something about the beer, be it an ingredient, a characteristic or something brewery related. He must certainly have a lot of Lego. And maybe an endorsement deal?


Follow for: a window back to your childhood

Ok, it’s really hard not to like this one because essentially, it seems that their theme is to find some of the coolest beer shots out there on Instagram and repost them on their feed, with appropriate credits of course! So this really is a feed of beauty, intrigue and tasty looking beers.


Follow for: pure unadulterated beer porn.


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🍺 Choose your fighter 🥊🍺 … 📷 #beertography by @burgeonbeer … 👉 Follow VinePair’s @UniversityOfBrew

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Our very own guest reviewer has to make the list really doesn’t he! What we love about Dejabrew is his verbosity. When he reviews a beer, half of the review is actually more about the context and what he’s been up to lately, and we like how this gives us some nice insight into the man behind the beer!


Follow for: the words.


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Happy Friday you beery legends! It’s finally the end of the working week and I hope you all have awesome weekend plans that involve smashing some decent beers! I’ll be out on the bike taking down a 170km ride around Surrey on Saturday, so it’s safe to say that I’ll be gagging for a beer by the end of that! Let’s hope it’s not a warm one from Tesco eh! 🍺 I’d like to dedicate this post to my Canadian homeboy Finn, who many of you will know as @the_beer_experience. Our friendship started like many others do in these here parts, I have no doubt; via a beer trade. We met, we traded, we drank and the rest is history. Finny boy and I often meet for beers as “real” mates and this very beer came my way from that very gent. Thank you! All that being said, when we linked up at Deya’s Little Summer Beer Bash a few weeks back, I was informed a few days later that I’d told Finn of my non-Instagram friends that they were my “real friends”, which I apologise for as it obviously came out completely wrong! You’re a real friend mate! And you @juju_reviews. Didn’t forget about you. Top notch grandad reviews coming from Grandad JuJu, give him a follow! You just need a hammer… 🍺 The beer then. Always takes me an age to get on to the actual review. This is ‘There’s Always Tomorrow’, an 8% DIPA from the Falmouth team at @verdantbrew in collab with @commonwealthbrewco and, well I’ll be honest, I definitely expected better but saying that, the bar is always so, sooooo high. Despite that, this is still a very good beer that will shit on the majority of the competition. Weirdly, I found it a bit, meaty?! Yeah weird I know! It’s also quite dry with a fair bit of pine, but also juicy at the same time, to begin with. An interesting and complex array of flavours that I didn’t really manage to put my finger on. Sounds like I’m being negative but I think it’s more, confusion?! Again, this was a great beer but it left me wondering what it tasted like, as I was tasing it. Shut up Jimmy, you make no sense. So, I’ll finish up with what you all want to hear, The Big Beer Manifesto goes “Big beers are the best, get smashed all the time”. Over and out. 🍺 Taste: 8.5/10 Sessionability: 3/10 🍺 #beer

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Now, not only does this guy drink an insanely brilliant range of beers, often sharers, often sour, often barrel aged (you get the jist) but he also has a signature style that shows off some awesome footwear! Bottle in outstretched hand, camera looking down over the bottle with just two feet and a watch is the most common shot. To be honest, he could probably have his own shoe account given how many different pairs he seems to wear. Either way, we like a theme and this one is done brilliantly.


Follow for: the style

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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten some serious beer mail but it’s finally arrived. This is none other than VinSanto b2, a Cantillon exclusive made available in very small quantities at the Arrogant Sour Festival in Italy! This is one of 540 bottles in existence with many of those being poured at the festival itself; with who knows how many for takeaway. The reviews on this have been hit or miss, which is not all that surprising considering the fact that dried grapes have only been used once before in Cantillon’s Reed Gueuze Muscat. I haven’t had the Reed Geuze myself, but it’s definitely a white 🐳 for me. I’m very curious to see how well a Vino Santo lambic will taste. The times I’ve had the sweet dessert wine before, it was alongside a biscotti 🤣. Will have to report back after next month when we crack it! Hopefully it’s a stunna 😎

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