Following on from our recent ‘Who to follow on Beerstagram‘ blog, we thought we should also highlight those who talk good beer sense on another favourite social platform of ours – the mighty Twitter! Now we know that Twitter gets it’s fair share of bad press, not least because it’s home to some mad Presidential outpourings at all hours but it’s long been popular with beer lovers, so we’re happy to present our top 5 recommendations for who to follow so you can cut through the noise to the good stuff.
Pellicle Magazine is a relatively new addition to beer Twitter, given they’ve only been going less than a year (at time of writing). But suffice to say they’ve hit the ground charging. Setup by beer writer Matthew Curtis and brewer/wine enthusiast Jonny Hamilton, Pellicle puts out incredible long form content about some of our favourite topics – namely beer (our ultimate favourite), wine (a growing fascination), cider (falling in love), and food (everyone loves food!). Their Twitter account is well worth a follow not only to keep up with their latest articles but also for good tips on places to go, new beers to try etc.

Follow for: Excellent content and beautiful photography

Pilot Brewery

Brewery accounts tend to be great to follow if you want to keep an eye on new releases, upcoming festival appearances etc. but you wouldn’t normally assume that they’ll cause you many LOLZ. Leith’s Pilot Brewery are the exception to this rule – in fact, their Twitter account is so much heavier on the jokes front than the beer front, that there is a running joke that they are not actually a real brewery. Most of the time their jokes take aim at the more ridiculous aspects of the beer world, be it styles, breweries or sell outs but they also like to pepper in a nice bit of politics for good measure. A refreshing change from the usual.

Follow for: the gags

We’re huge fans of #CraftBeerHour for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s an hour dedicated to craft beer – what’s not to like? Secondly, we love how it’s grown from a tiny grass roots campaign into something more significant and actually pretty important to the craft beer community, a showcase for young breweries. And finally, Tom, who runs it is one of the nicest, humblest people in the industry. So, give Tom (#CraftBeerHour) a follow and join in every Tuesday at 9pm!

Follow for: the community.

Beer O’ Clock Show is actually a podcast (well worth listening to by the way) and their Twitter feed obviously reflects this. But they have now tagged on #Hopinions to it, which is a weekly survey on something craft beer related that always, pretty much without fail, generates a really interesting conversation in the replies that go underneath the poll. If you’re in any way interested in the wider beer industry, styles, pubs etc. then you’ll most probably enjoy the debates and discussions that happen on this account.

Follow for: the polls, and the debate!

Slight apology for this being a very London Centric one – but to be fair, we are London based and there is plenty happening in the capital so this account seems like a good follow for anyone to be honest. Beer Guide London is, as the name suggests, a guide to the best beer, breweries, bars and taprooms in London. The guys behind it work tirelessly, touring the capital in pursuit of good beer and are right on the pulse of new openings (and closings) and hot gossip. We really enjoy watching threaded pub/taproom/bottle shop crawls that seem to happen quite often and they’re across the whole capital which is great. There is an accompanying app for those that want the info at their fingertips but the Twitter feed is where you go for the info coupled with the personality.

Follow for: keeping up to date with London’s ever evolving beer scene.