Generally, the Belgians have dominated the market on fruity beers, but it may surprise you to learn that there are quite a few non-Flemish beers out there that will do the trick just as well if fruity beers are your thing.  Check out some of our favourite fruity beers from some unexpected places!

Oskar Blues – Death by Coconut 6.5 %

Okay, so botanists among you all are probably screaming, “coconuts are drupes, not fruits”, and to that we says, “maybe”. But people also classify them as fruits, so we are as well. Typically, porters tend to be heavy on the malts and coffee, and while this Irish porter is underlined by subtle hints of sweet coffee, milk chocolate, and a slight bitterness, it flows with dominant notes of toasted coconut that linger to make for a polished, dry cacao-flavoured finish. For all its complexity, the rich smoothness and creamy texture make this one immensely drinkable beer you’ll have to taste to believe.

Magic Rock – High Wire Grapefruit 5.5 %

Magic Rock puts a grapefruit twist on High Wire, their tribute to the Pale Ales of the West Coast of America. Strongly hoppy, this beer is a flavourful burst of grapefruit notes, appropriately citrusy thanks to subtle hints of lychee and mango, with a strong caramel malt foundation. Crisp and juicy, the addition of actual grapefruit puts an unexpected and bittersweet spin on the fruity beer.

Siren & Surly – Blue Sky Blue Sea 5%

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Somehow Blue Sky Blue Sea exquisitely captures transatlantic essences – the watery British Isles with the Minnesota skies -in one neatly designed Gose, all at once salty and citrusy. Brewed with seaweed and cloudberries, Blue Sky Blue Sea is spilling over with flavours of green apple, tart grapefruit and gooseberry, this salty beer also contains a dry lemon juice finish, making it not only one of the most unexpected fruity beers, but one of the most unexpected beers full stop.