Sometimes Meet the Brewer events come together quite easily, and sometimes schedules just never seem to work out and there’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing trying to find the best dates. Our event with Wiper and True was definitely the latter, suffice to say that when we eventually got a date nailed down, we started getting very excited. When we realised that our event coincided with the release of their new beer, Tutti I Colori Del Buio (All the Colours of the Dark), we were suddenly a little bit more relaxed with all the difficulties we’d had in finding a date!

Hailing from Bristol, Wiper and True started life as a gipsy brewery, using the kits of several other more established breweries. After several years they now have their own brewhouse, which has given them greater control of their beers, learning about all the ins and outs of how their kit work. For a brewery who are regularly changing recipes this is especially important! Starting off with concepts about flavours and working their way backwards (“We like chocolate milkshakes, can we make a beer taste like one?”), even their “core range” beers are updated depending on the seasons, what’s freshest etc.

On the night we were treated to some incredibly tasty beers whilst being regaled with stories about what beers are best for pairing with psychedelic 1970s European horror films. We Brought Beer regular, Chris Coulson was snapping away throughout so you can reminisce over that Hard Shake if you were there, or get inspired to try some Wiper & True beers if you were not.

Patience is a virtue and good things come those who wait. This event was proof of that.

*a rare photo of Messrs Wiper and True together – rumour has it, this is only the fourth!