If there’s one country that’s truly been lighting up the beer scene over the past year, it is surely Sweden. For a small country they seem to punch way above their weight in terms of the quality of beers they put out and we’re insanely fortunate to be able to bring you incredible beers from the likes of Omnipollo, Stigbergets, Dugges & Beerbliotek, all of which you’ve embraced wholeheartedly.

As part of our Spotlight series, we were due to be focusing purely on one of our favourite Swedish breweries, Beerbliotek and indeed we’ve imported over a shed load of great beer in can, bottle & keg which we’ll be showcasing across all 3 stores this weekend (23rd-25th July).

But, for a variety of reasons, the Beerbliotek shipment got pushed back a few weeks and then we realised that we’d already pre-ordered another shedload more of amazing Swedish beer which just so happened to be colliding with our Beerbliotek spotlight. So we thought – hell, why not just make it one big Swedish love in all weekend.

So hitting the fridges this weekend for your drinking pleasure are some of the juiciest, hoppiest, sour and experimental beers you’re likely to find anywhere else. We’ve got beers in from Beerbliotek, Dugges, Brekeriet, Poppels and Omnipollo; and we’ve got pales, IPAs, sours, saisons and stouts so you can be sure to find something you’ll love.
The full list of beers we’ll have on offer are as follows:


Wheat Wine – 9.1% (BOTTLE)
Alternative Fact – Beetroot imperial gose – 6.6% (CAN)
Mocha Latte Stout – 8% (CAN)
Spoiler Alert APA – 4.7% (CAN)
Whoop Ass Berlinner Weiss – 3.5% (CAN)
Love Child Sour Saison – 7% (BOTTLE)
Bobek Citra Pale – 5.5% (CAN)
Hip Hops IPA – 6% (CAN)
A Moment of Clarity Session IPA – 4.7% (CAN)
Goteborgswits witbier w/melon – 5.2% (CAN)
A Passion for Strawberry Blondes Berlinner Weisse – 3.8% (CAN)

All the Way Session IPA – 4.2% (BOTTLE)
Mango Mango Mango Sour Fruit Ale – 4.5% (BOTTLE)
Avenyn Ale APA – 5% (BOTTLE)
Orange Haze IPA – 6.4% (BOTTLE)
Pale Ale Pale Ale Pale Ale – 6.5% (BOTTLE)
Tropic Thunder Sour Fruit Ale – 4.5% (BOTTLE)

Berlinner Spazz – 5.3% (BOTTLE)
La Paloma Sour – 3.5% (BOTTLE)
Moses Gose – 4.6% (BOTTLE)
Picnic Sunrise Raspberry Sour – 2.7% (BOTTLE)
Wild & Juicy Sour Pale – 7.2% (BOTTLE)

American Pale Ale – 5.4% (BOTTLE)
Double IPA – 8% (BOTTLE)
Nya Varldens IPA – 6.5% (BOTTLE)
Passion Pale Ale – 5.2% (BOTTLE)
Russian Imperial Stout – 9.5% (BOTTLE)
Session IPA – 4.2% (BOTTLE)
Session Pale Ale – 3.5% (BOTTLE)


Hey You in the bushes Brett IPA – 6.4%
The Oat Wine Continuum – 10.5%
Don’t Touch Me ‘Cause I’m Eclectic Sour – 6%
Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn – Imp Stout – 11%
Alternative Fact – Beetroot imperial gose – 6.6%
Eternal Darkness – BA Imp Stout – 11.5%
A Moment of Clarity Session IPA – 4.7%
Session IPA – 3.5%
Crazy in the Coconut IPA – 6.8%
Bobek Citra Pale – 5.5%