If there’s one thing we love almost as much as craft beer, it’s seeing beautiful beer photography. It’s fair to say we spend a disproportionate amount of time on Instagram drooling over fancy pictures of beer, breweries, packaging and everything in between. Perhaps we need to get out more!
Suffice to say that we love it when we come across a talented photographer who has captured the beauty and essence of beer in whatever context that may be. It’s even better if we get the pleasure of welcoming them into We Brought Beer, as happened recently when Darren Sim popped into the shop. Posting on Instagram as @humothy, you can check out some of his other work on his website. In the first of a new series of photo based posts, we’re delighted to be able to publish a small selection of his great pictures taken that day.
We hope to be able to bring you lots more great beer photography on our blog as part of our We Brought Photos series. If you’re pretty handy with a camera and would like to see your shots featured on our blog then we’d love to feature you so drop us a line here.
We enjoy shooting a bit of beer photography ourselves (nothing of this sort of standard of course!) but you can follow us on Instagram if you feel so inclined- our handle is @webroughtbeer.
Fridges at We Brought Beer in Balham
Beer crates at We Brought Beer in Balham
Beer bottle lids at We Brought Beer in Balham
Bottle of The Bear of Hildreth at We Brought Beer in Balham