Our Meet the Brewer calendar continued apace last night as we welcomed Battersea newcomers Mondo to the shop. Head brewer and founder Todd was joined by Andrew and both took us through the story of how Mondo came to be, as well as obviously leading us through a tasting of five of their beers.

Starting with the Rider Pale Ale, we moved onto the London Alt, a beautiful German style not being brewed by many other brewers. We then cracked on with the last of their core range, the James’ Brown Ale (see what they did there?), a beer that led to a few pleasantly surprised faces in the crowd who had not been expecting to like the brown ale style. We then moved on from the core range and into seasonal territory. Mondo are big fans of experimenting with their seasonal range which sits alongside the core and we were delighted to have the Poppa Cap, a strong pilsner with a hearty malty body and, judging by the empty keg the beer of the night. We finished off with the Peckham Rye IPA, a beer obviously not brewed in Peckham, but more named as a reference to the fact that 50% of the malt bill is made up of rye. Darker than a standard IPA it made for an interesting finish.

All in all it was another great tasting and we’re grateful to Todd & Andrew from Mondo for coming down and sharing their stories with us. Below are a few photos from the event, and we are grateful to Chris Coulson for taking these for us. Check out his other pics over on his instagram.

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