The 4th July is Independence Day but you knew that already of course. Did you also know that America has over 3,000 craft breweries producing some of the best beers on the planet? Oh you did? Ok great! Then you must join us for our big weekend celebration of all things American as we dedicate all three double fridges and all 4 growler taps to our cousins across the pond.

There is no doubt that a lot of the beers we sell in the shop, even if they are not American, are heavily influenced by what the Americans have been doing for over 30 years. Without Stone, you would have no BrewDog and without Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale you would not be enjoying the plethora of pale ales that jump out of the glass with an explosion of tropical fruit & citrus. And like with all things, American brewers like to go big, both in terms of hops and bottle size as we have our biggest selection ever of bombers (650ml bottles).

Yep, we owe a lot to the plucky band of American brewers who kept beer alive in the face of the light lager onslaught so we thought we would celebrate their national holiday by getting as many beers from as many breweries as we could. We’ve spent the past 6 weeks sourcing and squirreling away some of the best beers that America has to offer and we will be unleashing them all on Saturday.

We’ll have 150 beers from 40 breweries, guaranteeing there’ll be something for everyone. We’ve also got 12 very special US kegs for growler fills and available by the glass. But be quick as when it’s gone it’s gone!

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