We bang on about it all the time, but the fact that a bottle shop in London is able get one of the most highly regarded brewers in the world to come down for a tasting says a lot about the industry – imagine Jose Mourinho turning up at your local sports shop! Last week Jamil Zainasheff, head brewer and founder of Heretic as well a winner of countless homebrew awards, came down to the shop for an intimate tutored tasting of five of his breweries beers. We were taken through their IPA and IIPAs, Evil Twin and Evil Cousin, as well their milk stout, Bovine Intervention, bretted saison, Be Bold, and sour with grapes, Blood of Jupiter.

With one of the most varied and awesome careers in brewing, Jamil led us with expertise through not only the beers on offer, but talked about all things beer. From technical advice for home and commercial brewers, to his experiences within the industry, there was little that wasn’t touched on throughout the course of the evening.

Below are some photos of the event from honorary We Brought Beer employee, Chris Coulson.