Chances are, your dad probably introduced you to beer. It may have been a cheeky glass at the dinner table when you were underage, or buying you your first legal pint. Ben’s dad gave him a shandy when he was 14, at which point he decided he hated beer and would never drink it again… a lot has changed in eight years! However it happened, beer and dads are often inexorably linked.

So what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by getting him some of the good stuff to enjoy. Whether he’s a fully fledged card carrying CAMRA member, loves his lagers or is a huge hop-head, we’ve got something for every dad out there.

Below are five Father’s Day Gift Ideas we’ve put together that we know he will love.

“Introduction to craft beer” Jute Bags

Is your dad unaware of FourPure or Five Points? Unable to tell his Pils from his Porters? These Jute bags are the perfect introduction to the world of craft beer. The “Introduction to Craft Beer” set is a carefully curated tour de force of the various beer styles. Each beer was picked because it epitomises that style, showing off exactly what can be achieved with just four basic ingredients. Presented in our own branded, reusable jute bags, these are the perfect alternative to a six pack of Fosters.


If your dad carries on talking about “the good old days”, then this is exactly what he’ll want. Harking back to the days of bringing beer back from the pub in milk cartons, our growlers are a slightly classier prospect. Using a counter-pressure filler, we remove all the oxygen from the container, ensuring it stays fresh for up to six weeks. With a constantly rotating selection of beers on tap, he can come back time and again to sample and take away some of the most amazing beers around. This really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Beer Making Kits

Developed in Brooklyn, this beer making kit is perfect for anyone wanting to dip their toes into home-brewing. The guys behind it wanted to create a beer making kit that could be done on the stovetop and required no extra equipment besides that which comes in the box. Importantly, this kit is all-grain – it is the same process that breweries use, just scaled back. What’s more, at only 1 gallon, it will not require the rearranging of the house to find a place to leave it to ferment. If your dad has ever wanted to dabble in brewing, this is the perfect present.

Beer & Marshmallow Pairing

Marshmallows & Beer Pairings
Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Then this will be the perfect evening for him. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Nugget & Mallow to bring you an evening of craft beer and marshmallow pairing at our beer shop in Balham. The idea came about after we challenged N&M to see if they could create beer infused marshmallows – it turns out they could and what’s more they tasted so good we decided we had to share them with the public through a full blown pairing evening. The event takes place on Wednesday 24th June and is ticket only, which can be purchased here. We will be providing four craft beers on the night, each paired with a different marshmallow. You will even receive a goody bag to take home!

“I Brought You Beer” Gift Boxes

Four stunning beers presented in a beautiful box with a mildly whimsical slogan on the front? What is not to love! We’ve picked four 500ml beers from a range of countries and styles that are designed to show off just how good beer can be with a little TLC. If you just want your dad to try something new then this is the perfect present, guaranteed to tease the tastebuds and tantalise the tongue. Whatsmore, it is a rectangular box so it could not be easier to wrap.