Blimey! The We Brought Beer Homebrew Club has now been going 3 months! Having had its first meeting back in November 2015 we thought it was about time we gave you a bit more info about it on our blog. Run by a coupe of experienced homebrewing friends of ours, Chris and Emma, better known as Crema Brewery, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge; Chris works part time at Weird Beard whilst Emma is a microbiologist by trade.

So far we’ve covered the basics of brewing, through speciality malts and most recently the science of mashing. Whilst the club is aimed at novice brewers – those who are yet to brew their first beer or who have only been brewing for a short while – we are of the opinion that one should never stop learning, so those who judge themselves as intermediate or experienced home brewers are more than welcome to come along too. The aim of the homebrew club is to provide a forum where we can all exchange knowledge and opinion (and beers as well, obviously). After all, the joy of home brewing is in discovery, learning and discussion.

Each session consists of a short presentation on one aspect of beer or brewing followed by a tasting session where members are encouraged to bring their own beers, for feedback and advice, and we would like the topics for presentation to be guided by what club members would like to see.
The club takes place on the third Tuesday of each month from 7.30-9.30pm and is held in our upstairs tasting room at our Clapham Junction shop. Those who are joining us straight from work may like to grab something to eat enroute as we don’t have food available to buy at the shop.

Upcoming Sessions

 Homebrew Club #5 Beer Judging and IPAs : 15.03.2016

This session follows on from the previous one and for it, we would like club members to brew any style of IPA to bring along for judging. All of the attendees will take part in judging the beers, but don’t be worried about having your beer judged in this way, it’s always going to be constructive feedback! If you’re bringing a beer along, about 2 litres will be enough to share around.

Our homebrew club is always free to attend and we welcome new members at any time, regardless of whether you have been to any of the previous sessions so please don’t be a stranger, come along to the next session and why not bring a friend!

For more info about any of the sessions, please drop an email over to or follow us on Twitter @webroughtbeer