Here at the We Brought Beer HQ we’ve been busy squirrelling away, organising some pretty cool beer events and it’s fair to say that we’re pretty excited about what we’ve got lined up for you over the next couple of months. You can reserve your place for most of these events by emailing For Hood and Heretic, follow the links through to purchase your tickets!

We Brought Mabinogion Mead – 09.03.16 @ Clapham Junction

For the first time in We Brought Beer history, we’ve got a meadery coming to the shop! Mead, for us, occupies a weird ground between beer and wine and it’s something that we’ve always said we’d stock if we found the right mead. When we heard about Mabinogion, co-founded by one of our favourite brewers, Tom Newman from The Celt Experience, and tried some of their mead, we couldn’t wait to get it in stock.

Named after the oldest prose in Britain, these meads are influenced by history but very much have an eye on the future. In America mead is becoming increasingly popular and, if craft beer is anything to go by, it will start to gain traction over here too. With a portfolio of mead that includes a mixture of traditional high ABV wines, lower ABV carbonated “bee brews” and blends of the two, this is a great chance to get an introduction to a world of fermented honey!

This tasting is free but spaces are limited. Email to reserve your space.

We Brought Irish Beers – 16.03.16 @ Balham

This may come as a shock, but there’s more to Irish beer than simply Guinness! In fact, at the moment, the craft beer scene in Ireland is taking off in a pretty big way. Luckily, the guys over at Ireland Craft Beers are bringing us some of the best the Emerald Isle has to offer.

We’re not going to be revealing any of the beers or breweries we’ll have along this evening just yet– we like to keep some things a surprise! – but trust us when we say that we’re very excited.

This tasting is free but spaces are limited. Email to reserve your space.

We Brought Well Kneaded Pizza + Beer Pairing – 30.03.16 @ Balham

There’s nothing our marketing man, Ben, enjoys more than pizza. If cooking them didn’t involve a lot of hard work next to a hot oven, instead of being sat in a cosy office, he’d be straight into the pizza industry! Luckily, there are awesome people like Well Kneaded out there creating insanely delicious pizzas which blow people like DomiNOs (<— pun) out of the water.

Based in Clapham Junction, like us, we both came to the conclusion that a place which makes crazy tasty pizza, and a place which sells crazy tasty beers would be crazy not to hook up and do a joint event. The only event which made sense? A beer and pizza matching that is sure to create the most joyous taste sensation your tastebuds have ever experienced™.

Tickets are just £20 a head, for which you’ll receive four hearty glasses of beer paired with four mighty pizzas. You’d be a weidough (<— pun) not to come to the most extravagant beer and pizza matching occurring in Balham on the 30th March! There’ll even be a 15% discount on anything you buy on the night, can’t say we’re not slice (<— pun) to you.

Man sniffing aroma of beer
What’s great about the beer industry is that there is a completely open line of communication right the way from the brewmasters of the biggest craft breweries to those just starting their beer odyssey. Jamil Zainasheff is one of those top brewmasters and we’re incredibly excited to welcome him to our Clapham Junction shop for a tutored tasting!

Founder and brewer at Heretic Brewing Company, Jamil was previously an award winning home brewer, has co-authored a couple of books on beer, is the host of not one, but two podcasts, and has brewed every style of beer listed in the BJCP style guide. So it’s fair to say that this guy knows his beer!

This event is a Meet the Brewer with a twist, with the aim of a more intimate atmosphere and more interactive discussions of the beers as well as some guidance on how to taste beer. Jamil will take us through a range of his brews, discussing in detail their various styles and how they came about. He’ll also be chatting about his homebrewing past (he’s a multi-award winner!) and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

On the night there will be five beers, all generously poured, as well as 15% off any purchases made on the night and even a couple of freebie cans for takeaway! Tickets for this event are available through our website here.

We Brought Jopen – 13.04.16 @ Balham

Certainly not the most famous Dutch brewery in existence but without doubt one of the finest, Jopen, based in Haarlem, are named after huge wooden barrels that were used to ship beer way back in the 14th century. Although a very modern brewery, they always have their eyes on the past for inspiration, with their Koyt based on a recipe first published in 1407. With their taproom and brewery housed in a converted church, they have won awards for the most beautiful bar in the Netherlands so if you find yourself in Amsterdam, be sure to take the short trip out to check them out (the town is pretty beautiful as well).

Every time we’ve gotten our hands on and tried their beers we’ve all hugely admired what they’ve managed to brew so when we were given the opportunity to welcome them into our shop, we jumped at it with both hands! So join us on 13th April as we welcome the brewers and owners over to our Balham shop to take us through their awesome range of beers.

This tasting is free but spaces are limited. Email to reserve your space.

We Brought Orbit – 20.04.16 @ Clapham Junction

Looking at a beer's appearance
Last year we had Robbie from Orbit down to our Balham branch for a brilliant Meet the Brewer. Orbit are doing some incredibly cool styles of beer not commonly brewed in the UK and these guys are doing a brilliant job of recreating them. In particular, several of their German style beers are born of a passion for the authentic beers from the region.

This Meet the Brewer therefore has a slight twist – not all of the beers will be from Orbit! Instead, we’ll be comparing three of their beers to three authentic German equivalents. This is an event we’ve wanted to run for a while and we’re delighted to have Orbit joining us for the ride. Taking inspiration from around the world is something that craft beer is doing fantastically at the moment and the chance to try original examples side by side with modern interpretations is one not to be missed.

This tasting is free but spaces are limited. Email to reserve your space.

Having sold out of our first event with Hood in only a couple of hours – they hadn’t even had time to put up their poster – we decided to organise a second date! With a different menu and beer list, those of you who missed out first time round can dig your teeth into this second event.

Limited to just 15 places in the tasting room at our Clapham Junction shop, Hood will be bringing their head chef, Mike, to prepare a menu that is focused around modern British food. With five courses, all specially prepared and sourced to take advantage of local, seasonal ingredients, it’s safe to say the food is going to be crazy good. Luckily though, we have access to some pretty good beers which we’ll be serving with each course, each one chosen to perfectly compliment the food.

Tickets are already selling fast for this one and can be purchased here.

We Brought Firestone Walker – 04.05.16 @ Balham

There are some breweries that you’ve always wanted to have in but never thought you’d be able to. When Firestone Walker began importing into the UK in large enough quantities for us to be able to keep them on our shelves permanently, we were ecstatic. Their pils, pale and IPA in cans are the perfect summer “crushers”, bright and hoppy with bold flavours, they’re packed with flavour whilst never becoming overbearing.

We’re now delighted to announce that Adrian, part of the Walker family half of Firestone Walker, will be joining us for an evening of great beer and drinking. Exploring both their core range and their more out-there brews, Firestone Walker will be brining a taste of English tinged California to Balham for one night only.

Tickets for this event are free but spaces are limited. Email to reserve your space.

We Brought Bullfinch – 18.05.16 @ Balham

Bullfinch have been around since 2014, initially sharing an arch with Anspach & Hobday whilst they found their feet. With both breweries wanting to expand though, it was time for Bullfinch to move house, and so in late 2015 they found themselves a couple of railway arches in nearby Herne Hill. With the first beers now flowing out of the new brewery, we’re incredibly excited to be welcoming Bullfinch founder & head brewer Ryan down to our Balham shop for a tour through 5 of his beers. This will be a great chance to taste some of the first beers to come out of the new brewery, and indeed an early opportunity to meet one of our hot tips for 2016.

Tickets for this event are free. Email to reserve your space.

We Brought Belgian Beer – 25.05.16 @ Clapham Junction

How do you make a beer tasting go down in We Brought Beer folklore? You finish with four beers above 8% ABV, do horse impersonations in the shop and come across as just the coolest Belgian dude ever! Last year we hosted Bart, a Belgian beer expert, in our Balham store for an evening of some of the best Belgian beers around. Lots was learnt, and some was forgotten with plenty of sore heads going around the next morning.

This year we’re delighted to welcome Bart back to our Clapham Junction store for another Belgian beer tasting. Even before people were aware of “craft beer”, it was generally pretty well known that there was some awesome beer coming from Belgium and with some breweries and recipes remaining unchanged for hundreds of year, they’ve had a lot of time to perfect their craft. On the night we’ll be tasting a range of styles across a handful of breweries to give you a little flavour of Belgium in London.

Tickets for this one are expected to go very quickly so don’t hang about. Email to reserve your space.