“Dry January”, the rebranding of January as a month for no alcohol consumption is pretty well entrenched in the UK’s psyche by now. And we would certainly not begrudge those who want to go through the month without trying any new & delicious beer. But it’s not for everyone and in the last couple of years an alternative rebranding of January has emerged – #Tryanuary. The concept is ridiculously simple – try a new beer every day in January. Now whilst we think January was doing just fine on it’s own, we will admit that this is one rebranding that we are more than happy to get behind!
The Tryanuary mission statement is as follows:

This isn’t about drinking more.
It’s about trying something different.
Tasting something new.
Experiencing something interesting.

In this spirit, every week in January we’re offering 30% off three different beers that are either new into the shop or just that we believe need to be tried. If you’re adventurous enough to have tried these then why not come in anyway and grab something completely random; we guarantee it’s going to be good! We’re only offering three beers a week because we’re aware that as well as trying new beers at home you’ll probably head to the pub once or twice, in which instance, why not travel a bit further and check out one you haven’t been to before?

Boon Oude Geuze

Based in Lembeek, Belgium, Boon are one of 11 breweries that make up the High Council for Artisanal Lambik Style Beers (that sounds on a par with the Jedi council for cool factor!) – meaning that they can give their beers the “lambic” label. Using wild fermentation with naturally occurring yeast in the air, this beer is then aged in oak casks. Six month and three year old versions are blended equally with 90% 18 month old versions to give a balance between the sugars for secondary re-fermentation in the bottle, the tartness and the ABV. All of these factors combine to create a beautifully funky sour beer. If you haven’t before, check this out because it’s one of the great examples of an incredibly cool style of beer.

Northern Monk Northern Star

Northern Monk’s Eternal and New World are both beers that fly off our shelves whenever they’re in stock; their Mocha Porter not so much. We can kind of understand why – for some reason the concept of dark beers in cans can seem a bit strange. However, Oskar Blues’ Ten Fidy and Fourpure’s Oatmeal Stout prove otherwise and are both examples of why you shouldn’t only go pale when buying canned beer.
If you’re after something new, dark and interesting then the Northern Star is for you. Leeds based Northern Monk call this a Mocha Porter because of the ground coffee, dark chocolate and lactose sugar that were added. From the coffee beens comes a strong bitterness and slight hints of hazelnut which is balanced out by the sweetness from the chocolate and lactose, which also adds a big body to this beer. All of these work together wonderfully to give a luxurious beer that is rich, full of flavour, and quite frankly brilliant.

And Union Friday

We’re big fans of And Union. They’ve hosted Meet the Brewers in both of our shops and we’ve had plenty of their beers in bottle and on growler fill since the day we opened. Brewing initially for the South African market, And Union have their beer brewed in Bavaria because, if you’re going to use another brewery to make your beers for you, you may as well use the best. As South Africa is relatively new to craft beer, And Union tend to make their beers as approachable as possible whilst remaining true to the style, and Friday is no different. This is an American style IPA that uses American hops as well as the newer German hop, Hallertau, that is a daughter of Cascade. With a caramel backbone and a soft bitterness similar to fleshy fruits, this is the perfect beer to kickstart the weekend – the name really does say it all!
Look out for these beers in both our Balham and Clapham Junction shops and feel free to ask our team for more info about these or any of our other beers. Also, if you’re a tweeter or an Instagrammer, be sure to use the hashtag #tryanuary when tagging your beer. Enjoy!