Week three and our Tryanuary beer list is hotting up! We’ve got some more awesome offers for you guys to sink your teeth into. These beers will be 30% off in both our shops, so grab them whilst you can!

Fourpure Morning Star

Fourpure have one of the most awesome pilot kits going, and every so often they release the beers brewed on this kit into the wild. These become part of their Outpost Series and it’s produced crackers in the past – a dry hopped pils that they eventually released in 500ml “tall boys” and a Belgian style tripel that remains one of the best of that style brewed in the UK. In this case Morning Star is a 7.1% Imperial Porter, brewed with vanilla and oak chips. A smooth, slightly creamy body is supported by a gentle carbonation that lets all the subtler flavours come through. There’s a sweetness from the vanilla which provides a great foil to the toasted, rich chocolate backbone from the malts. This is a great example of how you can elevate a porter without making it crazy boozy and bombastic.

Wild Beer Co./Firestone Walker Violet Underground

The yearly Rainbow Project pairs 7 UK breweries with 7 foreign breweries, each pairing given a colour of the rainbow with the objective to brew a beer inspired by that colour. The most loved of these was Buxton/Omnipollo’s Yellow Belly Stout from the 2014 iteration – although it now has some pretty good competition from this beer. Wild Beer Co. and Firestone Walker teamed up to produce one of this years outstanding sour beers. A blending of Wild Beer’s Somerset Wild and Firestone’s Cowbell, this then had candied violet petals added before 6 months of ageing in French Oak barrels. Phwar! This is tart and acidic, slightly mouth puckering, but never too sharp. There is a hint of oak and funk from the brett with some floral qualities that are reminiscent of palma violets – pretty cool, huh!

Weird Beard Sadako

A 9.2% imperial stout, brewed with honey, molasses and fresh coffee beans in 660ml bottles. This is a big beer!! This is a recipe that Bryan, one of Weird Beard’s founders, developed when still a home brewer that won him plenty of awards. There’s a bittersweet quality to this beer that is reminiscent of roasted coffee, but offset by slightly less harsh a milk chocolate. A bitter finish and slight warmth from the ABV reminds you that you’re not drinking a wilting flower. This is a serious beer that makes the perfect sharer and sipper.
Look out for these beers in both our Balham and Clapham Junction shops and feel free to ask our team for more info about these or any of our other beers. Also, if you’re a tweeter or an Instagrammer, be sure to use the hashtag #tryanuary when tagging your beer. Enjoy!