It’s the second week of our Tryanuary beer offers and we’ve got some more  great offers for you! From today until Thursday 21st, there three beers will be 30% off in both of our stores, because these are (mostly) beers that we think everyone should be trying! Even better, this Tryanuary campaign is raising money for charity. Check out how you can get involved here!

Wild Beer Co. Millionaire

Want to drink something decadent and over the top? The Millionaire from The Wild Beer Co. is the beer for you. Whilst Wild Beer are generally known for their sours, this beer is no less experimental or well crafted. Cocoa nibs, caramel and lactose all give this beer a chocolatey, caramel backbone that is sweet but never sickly. With a slight toastedness from the malts and a subtle saltiness on the finish, this beer also has a savoury edge that keeps it drinkable. Despite its low ABV, only 4.7%, the lactose helps to give the beer a fuller body because it’s not fermented out and really elevates this to the next level.

Firestone Walker Wookey Jack

A black rye IPA at 8.3% and 80 IBU – this is not a beer that’s holding anything back! Using debittered black malt, where the husk is removed prior to kilning, there is a roasted characteristic coming from the beer but no astringent bitterness from it. This lets the spicy rye come into play, where it may otherwise have been overpowered by the darker malt. Citra and Amarillo give the fruity juice characteristics that contrast with the darker, spicier backbone whilst Magnum provides a sharp, bitter finish. If you want a beer that is controlled, but on the edge of craziness, this is the one to grab!

Gosnells Winter Mead

There’s always a debate in our shop whether or not to sell mead. Is it a beer, a wine, or something different? Obviously it’s something different, but we’re never sure quite where it falls. But sometimes a mead comes along that is so damn good, there’s no way we can’t not have it in our fridges. Gosnells Winter Mead was one such drink. Whilst Gosnells normally do a 5.5% version, they brought our a stronger, spiced version for winter. Normally I’m not a fan of overly sweet drinks, but despite is sugary honey flavour (who’d have thought that’d be there!), it’s offset brilliantly by some savoury spiciness. Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg flavours all come out from the aroma and carry on through into the flavour. If you have some mulled spices left over from Christmas, chuck this in a pan with them and you’re onto a warming winner!
Look out for these beers in both our Balham and Clapham Junction shops and feel free to ask our team for more info about these or any of our other beers. Also, if you’re a tweeter or an Instagrammer, be sure to use the hashtag #tryanuary when tagging your beer. Enjoy!