We Brought Beer doesn’t just sell beers from all over the world; our employees hail from around the globe, too. From North America to Australia, this is one diverse team, each of us from a beer culture all our own that may both confuse and amuse the typical Brit.

So in case you’ve been dying to learn what beer life is like in the Palmetto State, the Peach State, and Down Under, look no further: This is your post!

Kelli Weston (me!)

I’m from Columbia – that’s the capital of South Carolina not the country, I’m afraid – where [added by Ben: American] football is a way of life and game day just isn’t the same without a cold one in your hand. In fact, South Carolina may be a place more suited for a cold beer than most. Best known for its beaches and humid summers, we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, and we like our barbecue. Not only is it unfashionable, it’s downright unfathomable to go light on the Bud Light, especially in midst of chicken wings fresh from the grill. There just isn’t a better way to beat the summer heat.

Jeff Lester

Jeff Lester hails from a little, not especially well known place next door to me called Atlanta, Georgia. Not a lot to see there, but like South Carolina and indeed most places in the South, (American) football reigns supreme and there is simply no way to tailgate a football game without bringing a six pack (or two or three) along for the ride. At these events, typically hot dogs and burgers abound, but it’s pizza that Jeff prefers to pair with his favourite beer: Gulden Draak Dark Triple Ale, a Belgian dark ale with a Dutch name. That said, Georgia itself is home to many famous breweries like Red Brick Laughing Skull, another favourite of Jeff’s that, naturally, reminds him of home.

Dean Mangion

Across the water, comes Dean Mangion from a small town called Kyneton, one of the oldest towns in Victoria, Australia. Dean had his first beer when he was around thirteen (naturally the drinking age in Australia is 18) when his closest mate’s older brother offered them a swig of beer. Of course, Australia Day, celebrated on the 26th of January, is a massively attended event that Dean says cannot take place without a good Carlton Draught, one of the nation’s most popular brands. Dean himself is partial to Coopers, the largest Australian-owned brewery and family-run to boot; pair a nice, chilled Coopers with a hot plate of Chicken Parma, and for the one we affectionately call Dean-O, that’s the night sorted.