Ok, we’re aware the theme of this blog could be seen as controversial and provocative to wine drinkers. But we’re not saying we don’t like wine – we do of course, it’s a brilliant cousin to our beloved beer and we’ve enjoyed many lovely wines in our time! But of course we are always going to bat for our own team and so we present to you our top 10 reasons why we think beer is better than wine.

1) There are so many more styles of beer than there are of wine*

Whilst wine drinkers generally have to choose between white, red, rose, desert & sparkling, beer drinkers can choose between pale ales, IPAs, lagers, sours, porters, wheats, ambers, scotch ales etc.

2) Beer is a vastly more complex product than wine.

This means you get a broader array of flavours, aromas and esters.

3) Beer uses a wider range of ingredients.

And all of these different ingredients impact the flavour, from the malt to the hops, the water to the yeast. Wine is essentially just one ingredient – grape juice.

4) Beer is quicker to make.

This means brewers can make a lot more different beers per year than a winemaker. And variety is the spice of life after all.

5) Beer pairs better with food.

Because of it’s huge diversity of styles (see point 1 above), once you know which styles to pair with which foods, you are always able to find a beer to pair with your supper.

6) A top of the range beer is far more accessible in price than a top of the range wine.

You’re looking at circa. £15-£30 for a bottle of top notch beer vs £100+ for a truly A-class bottle of wine.

7) Craft beer is (apparently) better for you than wine!

Whilst we’re always a little sceptical about these studies, this one suggests that the good stuff in beer – niacin, vitamin B3 and brewer’s yeast – contribute to making it better for you than wine!

8) Great beer is available in lots of places.

And not just those that specialise. By comparison great wine is often the preserve of elitist shops, restaurants or bars.

9) Anyone can start making beer.

All they need is a small bit of equipment, some ingredients and a bit of know how. This partly explains the huge explosion of breweries in the past 10 years. Starting a vineyard requires muchos dollares, land and time!

10) Beer is an integral part of popular culture.

Swift half? Mine’s a pint. Multiple Homer Simpson quotes & memes. Beer is fundamental to popular culture in a way that wine never could be.