Having had our shop managers choose their favourite beers a few weeks back, we get the guys on the shop floor in Clapham Junction to choose theirs this week. Both Jeff and India are new to We Brought Beer but they have thrown themselves into the role with aplomb and put a lot of time and effort into learning our range – it’s a hard life! Here’s three of their favourites!

Jeff Lester

Weird Beard Double Perle (8.6%)
It’s my favourite UK brewery and it’s absolutely fantastic. The beer is rich and deliciously decadent, basically everything I like in a stout. It also has a sister beer called simply Perle, which I would like to give a try as well. Weird Beard seems to have their dark beers really figured out, the other day I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about homebrewing from Chris, a brewer at Weird Beard and he’s a fantastic guy.

Oskar Blues Old Chubb Nitro (8.0%)
It’s a great beer and due to an accidental explosion, it has given us all good stories to tell our grandchildren. As for me, I have enjoyed a Chubb on two occasions. It has amazingly rich, creamy scotch characteristics. But the last occasion had me cleaning parts of my flat that I didn’t know existed thanks to an abrupt explosion.

Buxton Red Point IPA (7.5%)
The first IPA that made my eyes roll into the back of my head upon tasting. Really smooth and sweet for an IPA. It also had a really incredible mouth-feel that tied everything together perfectly. Best red IPA I’ve ever had.

India Shaw

Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta (6.5%)
I’ve only just been introduced to the taste sensation that is Earl Grey, so I think that I personally was overly excited about this one.

Magic Rock Salty Kiss (4.1%)
Salty Kiss is one of mine and Kelli’s favourites. I’ve never been a big fan of sour beers in the past but this Gose by Magic Rock has started up a new fascination.

Flying Dog Juniper White IPA (6.5%)
Not only am I a fan of Ralph Steadman’s art work on all of the Flying Dog bottles but this particular batch of beer is infused with juniper berries. If I’m not drinking ale I’m drinking gin, so for me, this beer is the perfect combination.