We’re delighted to announce that our very first Spotlight of the year is The Wild Beer Co! From next Thursday 9th until Sunday 12th February they’ll have their beers on all 11 taps across all three of our shops. We’re also going to be dedicating two rows of shelves in each of the fridges to their small package beer, both can and bottle, as well as something we’d never thought we’d sell before now!
Co-founders Brett and Andrew met whilst brewing at Bristol Beer Factory and decided that they wanted to strike out on their own and open a brewery which was doing something a bit different to pretty much everyone else in the UK. If they only brewed “clean” beers, the Pale Ales, Stouts and IPAs currently dominating the beer scene, they’d be known as a great brewery. However, it’s their Sour and Wild beers which push them into the upper echelons of the UK breweries. With one of the biggest, if not *the* biggest barrel ageing program in the UK, Wild Beer Co. are producing some of the funkiest, most complex sour beers outside of Belgium.
It’s because of the excellent diversity of their beer styles that we’ve decided to put them in our very first ever Brewery Spotlight. Whether you’re after something bright and hoppy, funky and tart, or decadent and dark, they’ve got plenty to offer everyone’s palates.

At our Wild Beer Co Meet the Brewer event last year (check out the podcast) they brought with them a whole load of cheese to be matched with the beer. A huge part of their inspiration comes from the food that they love and so we thought it’d be amazing to give you guys the chance to try some of the beer and cheese matchings which we fell head over heels for.

We’ll be stocking four different cheeses, all chosen to be paired with several of the beers we’re going to have on offer. Cantal au lair de Salers is a hard cheese from Auvergne made in a similar way to cheddar with a sharp acidity, slightly farmhouse flavours and with a bold salinity. Munster d’Alsace is a funky, smelly, creamy cheese also from France which will pair perfectly with the Bretted beers we love from The Wild Beer Co. Pretty much everyone at We Brought Beer has a huge love of blue cheese and we think they pair perfectly with bold Stouts so we have 1924 which is a homage to Roquefort and offers a slight spiciness that is backed up by a rich fruitiness. The final cheese will be an ash covered goats cheese offering lactic qualities alongside some earthy qualities which will compliment their Sour beers perfectly.

The reason we chose Wild Beer Co for our first spotlight is because of their sheer diversity. This meant that we could get in all sorts of different styles and beers from their range. With that in mind, we thought that we’d give you a little teaser of what we’ve got in store for next Thursday. All the shops will carry the same bottle list, while each will have different kegs to go on over the Spotlight Weekend.

Stouts and Imperials

Billionaire • Wildebeest • Millionaire

Crisp and Wild
Somerset Wild • Sleeping Lemons • Sourdough

Focus on Brett
BrettBrett DIPA • Evolver IPA • Witness

Wild and Barrels
Modus Opernadi • Breakfast of Champignons • Redwood

Rare Releases
3 Yr Barrel-Aged Raconteur • Barrel-Aged Yadokai

The Sharers (750ml Bottles)
Sleeping Lemons Export • Gazillionaire • Beyond Modus • Summer Blend • Ninkasi • Shnoodlepip

Billionaire • Fresh • Madness • Pogo • Sourdough • Wild Goose Chase

Clapham Junction
Bibble • Evolver IPA • Pogo • Shnoodlepip • Wild Goose Chase

Epic Saison • Fresh • Millionaire • Pogo • Wild Goose Chase

Some of the beers coming in we’ve had before and some are brand new. Despite us loving all of the beers we’ll be showcasing, some have got us particularly excited! Here we’ll highlight a few of the beers coming in that are going to be the first one we’re cracking open when the delivery arrives.

First up is the Billionaire Imperial Stout. The older brother of their much loved Millionaire, this beer takes all the delicious traits found in Millionaire and takes them to the next level. Brewed with caramelised miso paste, lactose, sea salt and tonka beans, the umami flavours exploding out of this beer give the term decadent a whole new meaning.

Never shying away from the bold and weird, Wild Beer Co were inspired by one of their staff members who is a mushroom fanatic to brew a beer with wild fungi. Barrel-aged, Breakfast of Champigons has a big lactic tartness with a mineral earthiness from the mushrooms and a spiciness from added black pepper. This beer may seem odd, but it manages to combine all these flavours wonderfully.

On keg, Shnoodlepip is a collaboration they first brewed with Good George Beer from New Zealand and Burning Sky several years ago. A red wine barrel-aged saison, this is then given a healthy dose of hibiscus, pink peppercorns and passionfruit to produce a super funky, fruity and sour beer that is just mindblowingly good. In all three stores, Wild Goose Chase is a tart gooseberry pale ale which is a perfect entry level sour. A gentle acidity backed by plenty of dry-hopping for a bitter finish makes the beer refreshing and incredibly moreish.

So, we’ve got all this delicious beer – what’s the plan? On Thursday, all the kegs lines will be taken over with Wild Beer Co and the fridges re-arranged to feature all of their beers, as well as the cheese we’ve paired with the beers. All you need to do is rock up, sample everything that’s on offer and take away your favourites (we promise you, you’ll find plenty to love!).

We’ve chosen to showcase Wild Beer Co because their approach to beer is one we truly believe in. Everything available is truly exceptional and if you haven’t tried it before, we guarantee it will knock your socks off. This is the first of our Brewery Spotlight series, and we couldn’t be more excited to kickstart it with these guys.