Beer may be one of the oldest drinks known to mankind but that doesn’t mean that the discerning beer drinker should remain in the 20th century. Like almost every walk of life, the beer world has embraced technology, in particular blogging, social media and beer rating apps. We’ve picked out our top apps/sites for the modern, truly connected craft beer drinker.


Untapp'd Logo
The cool thing about beer is that it creates conversation across geographic boundaries and we can enhance that experience” – so said Untappd’s co-founder Greg Avola. Untappd is a modern re-imagining of the beer festival ticker’s book, allowing users to log & rate each and every beer they’ve drunk. Although initially dubbed Foursquare for beer, the founders now see it as more of a discovery service for beer fans. You can also connect with your friends to see what they’re drinking at any time. And of course, don’t forget you can keep up with what’s new in store and on tap at We Brought Beer on our very own Untapp’d page here.

Beer Advocate

Started by two brothers, Todd & Jason Alstrom way back in 1996, Beer Advocate is a grassroots driven community of beer lovers, dedicated to promoting beer, be that through reviews, articles or just beer listings. Similar but different to Untappd, it takes on more of an editorial role within the beer world, leading the debate and speaking up on behalf of US brewers and beer drinkers.

The Beer Judge Certification Program Beer Styles App

The BJCP stands for the Beer Judge Certification Program and this app is truly one for the ultimate beer geek. Contained within is the full copy of the BJCP Style Guidelines, perfect for whether you are a beer judge, keen home brewer or just general enthusiast. So next time you get a beer which you can’t quite pigeon hole, reach for your BJCP app & hey presto – you’ll sort of get the answer to the question. Alternatively, you could just savour & enjoy in blissful style ignorance.


Ratebeer Logo
Similar to Untapp’d, in that you use it to rate your beers, the RateBeer app is full of more detailed, geeky reviews and is less of a social network. So a good one for people who like to just get down to work without too much distraction. Brewers have often touted their ratebeer ratings to prove their worth although the app lost some kudos when it sold to AB Inbev. That said, it’s still a great place to check out and log your beer reviews.