When we found out that Beerbliotek had bought a canning line, we got very excited because we loved what those guys were brewing. When we heard that their beers were going to start being exported to the UK, we got even more excited! When we found out that they wanted to do a Meet the Brewer event with us, we had to sit down for 10 minutes after we saw the beer list that they were bringing along with them. This Swedish brewery have probably more fun with their beers, and the names, than any other brewery around.

We were joined by founder Adam, who took us through five of their different beers. From fruity sours to full on barrel-aged Imperial Stouts, this was a Meet the Brewer that delivered everything you could ever want from a modern craft brewery.

This is our final podcast of the series (don’t look too sad!), but we’ll be back in the spring with plenty more great content!

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Produced by, and theme music by, Al Riley; hosted by James Hickson; massive thank you to Dave and Chris for coming down, and to all their brewers who perfectly blend modern and traditional brewing.