Since the day we opened, Brew By Numbers have been ever present in our fridges, and always pretty popular thanks to their great brews and sleek labels. However, several months ago they absolutely bowled over the UK brewing scene with their hazy, unfiltered, juicy pale ales and IPAs which were amongst the first in the “Yeast Coast” style. Suddenly they were catapulted to the forefront of everyone’s mind with the incredible beers they were brewing.

For our event, we were joined by founder Dave and events/marketing/beer man Chris. They took us through plenty of their beers, including these latest Pale Ales and IPAs. However, what’s also brilliant is their nod to the brewing traditions of Belgium, with their Saisons still being one of the best modern interpretations of the style brewed in the UK currently. Finishing the night on their dangerously drinkable Tripel, hopped with Ella also showed that it just doesn’t have to be a facemeltingly bitter and fruity pale beer to excite the palate.

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Produced by, and theme music by, Al Riley; hosted by James Hickson; massive thank you to Dave and Chris for coming down, and to all their brewers who perfectly blend modern and traditional brewing.