We’re huge fans of Wild Beer Co. and so when we had the chance to get them down to our Balham store for a beer and cheese pairing, we obviously jumped at it! This event also happened to coincide with London Beer City week and the 2nd anniversary of opening our doors for the first time, so it was definitely a night to celebrate. We were joined by Andy and James who bought along 5 of their beers, including some very special sour beers and some incredible local cheese. As one of the most innovative breweries in the UK, this event was a great chance to learn more about what they do, which is why we’ve decided to include it as the main feature of this podcast.

Along with our Wild Beer Co. Meet the Brewer, we also chat with Chippy, the manager of our Balham store. There’ll be talk of new and upcoming beers, events and also a very special announcement! As a warning, this episode is filled with a fair amount of profanity, so if you’re listening with kids, maybe chuck on some headphones, or save the episode for an hour alone at the pub!

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Produced by, and theme music by, Al Riley; hosted by James Hickson; big thanks to Andy and James for making their way up to London from Somerset.