For the second episode of We Broadcast Beer, we invited Gregg Irwin down to our Clapham Junction store to chat about Weird Beard, and the beer scene in general. Weird Beard are one of our favourite breweries and have been a mainstay ever since we first opened. Gregg, one of the two co-founders, is a person who makes working in the beer scene as great a job as it is. Despite a pretty demanding job, he’s always willing to make time for his customers, whether it’s guys like us or the people who drink his beer. This, combined with a refreshing and honest perspective on what is happening in the beer world, meant he was someone we aways wanted to chat with.

Download this episode to listen to our chat with Gregg, as well as info on upcoming events and more! A quick note that since we recorded this interview, Weird Beard have removed Decadence Stout and Spreadsheet Ninja from their core range.

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Produced by, and theme music by, Al Riley; hosted by James Hickson; big thanks to Gregg Irwin for taking time to come down to the store and chat to us!