This blog was going to mention something about drinking better beer than Guiness on St. Patrick’s Day, but pretty much every other Tweet, Facebook post and Instagram image have beaten me to it. It’s a given that these beers are better than Guiness, however, they aren’t merely novelty beers that should be broken out for one day a year, just because they’re Irish.

That being said, we’re going to tap into today’s enthusiasm for Irish beer and, on the 113th St. Patrick’s Day, choose five of our favourite Irish beers that we have in the shops. If you want to celebrate the Scourge of Snakes™ with an Irish beer, you’re on to a winner with one of these but remember, they’ll taste just as good tomorrow!

Eight Degrees Brewing : Hurricane – IPA (5.8%)

Heavily hopped with American hops (Simcoe, Citra & Mosaic if you’re interested), the Hurricane IPA is bursting with citric fruits and pine notes, a real fruit explosion in the glass and a beer that pairs with spicy food such as something Mexican.

 White Hag Brewery : Beann Gulbann – Irish Heather Sour Ale (7.5%)

A resurrection of an ancient beer style brewed in Ireland from the neolithic era up until the 1700’s, This beer utilises Irish Heather tops in place of hops to balance the sweet, rich malts used. And because the brewers of yesteryear would not have known what yeast was, fermentation was carried out by the wild yeasts and bacteria in the atmosphere, giving this beer a tart, sour flavour, perfect for warm spring days.

Blacks of Kinsale : World’s End – Imperial Stout (8.5%)

A big bold decadent beer, World’s End is the beer to top off any dinner or party. Brewed with Fairtrade Cacao rusks and vanilla pods, this beer is rich, chocolatey and sweet and, whilst the ABV may seem scary, it drinks ridiculously easy. Pair with some chocolate mud cake or indeed an Irish coffee and you’re on to a winner!

Trouble Brewing : Graffiti Pale Ale – Session Pale (3.8%)

Something nice and light to throw into the mix, Trouble Brewing hail from Co. Kildare and their Graffiti Pale Ale is the perfect session bitter. Hopped with American hops (you can see who influences the Irish scene!), it’s bursting with flavour but light enough to allow you to enjoy a few.

Boundary : IPA – IPA (7.0%)

Boundary Brewery, based in Belfast are a coop meaning anyone can invest and the people have spoken! Over 1000 individuals have already gotten involved with more and more joining. Their IPA is a brilliant example of the style, exploding with juicy, bitter hops that give this beer all the bright, full on tropical fruit flavours that we’ve fallen in love with.