YouTube is great right? You go on to watch a 1 minute tutorial on how to convert a word doc to a PDF and 2 hours later you’re still down the rabbit hole having been sucked into watching daredevils climb the tallest building in Shanghai or Daniel Radcliffe perfectly rapping Blackalicious’ ‘Alphabet Aerobics’! But of course, YouTube is also home to some really great beer videos and so we thought we’d highlight 3 of our current favourite beer channels we’re watching right now.

Craft Beer Channel

DISCLAIMER: We are a pro tier Patreon supporter of the Craft Beer Channel, but only because we love their vids, we don’t have any other involvement other than being fans!

The Craft Beer Channel was setup by Jonny and Brad a few years ago and is apparently the world’s largest food and beer-based channel (according to the guys themselves). To be fair, they do have an impressive 66k followers and have racked up over 3 million views since 2013 so they’re doing something right. The channel aims to explore beer culture around the world, featuring weekly videos covering all sorts, from beer tastings, to brewery visits to interviews with key people in the industry, and their self proclaimed aim is to entertain first, and educate second. Sounds like a winning formula to us and the light hearted approach they take to beer through their videos has made them deservedly some of the most popular people in the industry. Hop over to their channel and you can while away a few days whilst you learn a hell of a lot about the beer world (literally the whole world) and look out for them at a beer festival near you!

The Beardyman Craft Beers

The Beardy Craft Beer Man is one of, maybe the, best homebrewer in Ireland. We’ve been fortunate enough to try a couple of his brews and can confirm they are top notch. He’s also a graphic designer which means as much care goes into his label design as the beer he is brewing. Whilst he used to be more prolific on Instagram, The Beardy Craft Beer Man (real name Glen) has recently migrated over to YouTube, filming his homebrew sessions with a big focus on clone brews (where a homebrewer tries to recreate exactly a commercially brewed recipe). The videos are great, really well produced and in our opinion work whether you’re a homebrewer or not, although granted aspiring brewers may take more from them. The channel has a tidy 3k followers and is growing quickly, with videos racking up many thousands of views each. Our favourite that we’ve watched (so far) features a clone brew of one of our favourite beers –  Omnipollo’s 4:21 – a raspberry & vanilla smoothie IPA.

Hoppier Times (drinking with grandma)

Hoppier Times is beer tasting without the pretentiousness. The host is not your typical beer geek but he’s got his hands on some incredible beers and he’s on a mission to review them in as relaxed a way as possible. No fuss, no pretence, just an honest opinion as he drinks. And they’re pretty fun reviews too. So far so good but what really tips this into our favourites list is the episodes he does with his grandma, who guest features regularly to try such craft beer extremes as double IPAs, milkshake IPAs and all sorts of other stuff. Her reactions are hilarious (spolier alert, she usually doesn’t like them) but there’s also a really nice dynamic between grandson and grandma that makes it more pleasurable to watch than your average beer review. Enjoy!