It’s been a while since we’ve showcased our favourite beer labels; and as our already wide selection of beers has grown significantly since then (450, at latest count), naturally we’ve got some new great-looking labels for you!

Founders Breakfast Stout

The Michigan-based Founders Brewery recently stirred a bit of controversy with their delightfully cheeky – not to mention well-designed – label. While laws in Michigan and a few other states prohibit using images of minors to sell alcohol, across the ocean we still get to enjoy the portrait of an adorable, full-cheeked toddler eating oatmeal while we enjoy the full-bodied tastes of this chocolate coffee breakfast stout. One of the original breakfast stouts, Founders brews this particular beer with two different types of chocolate and two different types of coffee. The stringent taste of the coffee and the bittersweet chocolate combine to make for one delicious, thick beer that’s sure to bring a kick to your day!

Partizan Lemongrass Saison

It seems apropos that Partizan, a brewery that rarely brews the same brew twice,  should choose a vaguely Dada-esque aesthetic to adorn its beers. All at once disordered and structured, the colourful images that grace their bottles suit the vibrant taste of their beers, which linger on the tongue. Light, summery, and liberal on the lemongrass, the Lemongrass Saison is one best drunk ice cold. Although reasonably suited to the warmer months, it’s so delicious we can’t blame you for keeping it close at hand all year-round.

To Øl Black Malts & Body Salts

Tool Brewery’s self-explanatory beer Black Malts & Body Salts is a Black Imperial IPA that includes uses both ingredients to create a robust beer, creamy and sensationally bitter. The largely floral label fits nicely with the floral notes of French press coffee and the smooth, creamy taste of the beer. Centre stage a textured picture of blue waves represents the salty nature of the beer. Much like the beautifully designed label, this beer smoothly integrates ingredients that might have easily clashed in less sure hands.