This is the second instalment of the blog series where we look at our favourite beer labels. Times have changed, tastes have altered and new beers have arrived, so we thought we’d show off our current favourites. Some of these are bizarre, some of these are beautiful and elegant and some are down right cool.

Cloudwater Session IPA

This new Manchester brewery began turning heads before they had brewed a single beer, such was the prestige of the brew team they had assembled. Their beers have lived up to and, possibly, exceeded the hype. However, with all of the craft beer offerings currently available, it is not enough to just have amazing beer – packaging matters as well! Cloudwater have managed to get this spot on. Abstract imagery adorns each bottle, with the Cloudwater logo imposed on top of it. This wonderful imagery is uncluttered, but full of depth and detail. Picking out a favourite is difficult, but the vibrant shades of blue and green on their Session IPA work together brilliantly.

Magic Rock Salty Kiss

Okay, so this isn’t a label for a can or a bottle, it’s a tap badge, but that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of it. The incredibly intricate design looks busy, but remains clear. Despite the limited room, they have managed to pack a lot of stuff onto the badge which not only catches, but keeps, the eye. If you love this design as much as I do, then you’re gonna lose it when you see their soon-to-be-released can designs.

The Wild Beer Co. Blubus Maximus

There is something stunning in the simple way that Wild Beer approach their label designs. Each is pretty much the same, with only the colour of the stag changing between bottles. There are a few reasons I plumped for Blubus over the other beers, however. A 750ml bottles means a bigger label, and we all know that bigger means better. Furthermore, the wax coated top gives it a sense of stylishness, whilst the placement of their collaborators logo within the stag is done without the usual shoehorning that can take place. This beer looks as good on a shelf or wine rack as it does in a glass.

Mikkeller Vesterbro Toilet Bajer

A lot of Mikkeller’s label designs are very stylised, they are obviously from Mikkeller. People often describe them as odd, but cool. This beer label, however, is easily by far the weirdest of the lot. For a start, we have no idea which way round to have this beer on the shelves! One side has a trippy face without a mouth or nose that looks like it was hand drawn by an 11 year old kid whose only desire was to freak people out. The other side is a bunch of dogs defecating. I don’t know why. This is a wheat beer and I’m yet to get the connection. However, it’s one of our favourite labels because we can’t think of many other breweries who’d actually put man’s best friend doing their business on their labels.