Seeing as we’re now approaching Halloween time, we’ll start with the plethora of pumpkin ales that have hit the shelves in our stores. From Flying Dog over in Maryland, USA, we have the Gourd Standard, an IPA brewed German hops to compliment the earthy, spiciness of a pumpkin, and The Fear, an Imperial IPA with a bunch of spices and pumpkin puree to recreate the bold flavours of a pumpkin pie. The guys from Two Roads have taken a traditional pumpkin ale and taken it to 11 by ageing the beer in rum barrels with the Roadsmary’s Baby. The popular Timmerman’s pumpkin lambic is back, this time on both keg as well as in bottle – it’s a cool beer that needs to be tried!
From the UK, we’ve got some very exciting new beers in from the Manchester Brewery, Cloudwater. First up is their IPA Nelson Sauvin, an IPA using the much-loved Nelson Sauvin hop which is guaranteed to fly out. The IPL Simcoe Comet is a a pretty cool style of beer, combining the crisp, clean finish of a lager with the intense fruity bitterness of an IPA, whilst their Centennial Session IPA has all the characteristic West Coast piney flavours we love. Finally, a collaboration with home brewer, Chris, sees them brew up a Brett bruxellensis lacto sour hopped with Simcoe and Centennial, pretty cool, right!
The next beer is going to get a paragraph all to itself because we’re just that excited to get it into the shops! Thornbridge have been a brewery who began pushing the UKs beer scene in the direction it’s currently heading, before most other people realised there was anywhere to go. Whilst there’s now a plethora of breweries out there producing the same style of beers these guys started brewing way-back-when, they’ve once again begun pushing the boundaries in the UK with their barrel-aged sour beers. They aren’t the first people to experiment with barrel-ageing sours in the UK, however the release of their Love Among the Ruins and Days of Creation beers several months ago showed that they’re able to do it better than almost anyone else. We’re therefore incredibly excited to get in the latest release, The Heart Desires, a gooseberry sour blond aged in Burgundy barrels. This is going to be incredible!
A brand spanking new brewery we’re getting in for the first time ever are Basqueland Brewing Project. Founded by a couple of Americans living in San Sebastian, they’ve very quickly established themselves as one of the Spanish breweries to look out for in its burgeoning beer scene. From there guys, we now stock their Aupa Pale Ale, Imparable IPA and Cap’n Norbert Kolsch.
Finally, we’ve got some pretty cool stuff coming over from Sweden and the Omnipollo guys. We’re huge fans of their beers and their social media feeds are basically future predictors of where our money is going. This time, we’ve got some very special dark beers arriving in the form of Anagram, a blueberry cheesecake stout, and Hypnopompa, their imperial marshmallow stout!