This week we’ve got one pretty special new arrival coming in in particular, and that’s the Buxton/Omnipollo collaboration, Yellow Belly. This is a peanut butter biscuit stout, originally brewed for the collaborative Rainbow Beer Project when those two breweries were paired and given the opportunity to brew a beer based around the colour yellow. The slightly… antagonistic packaging is because the two breweries wanted to choose the most cowardly thing they could imagine, which is the idea of anonymously hide within a group, something a particular racist group seem to specialise in. Every year we’ve stocked this beer it’s flown out, so don’t expect this to hang around, and we’re limiting it to 2 per customer.
From Beavertown up in Tottenham Hales, we’ve had two new arrivals this week and last week. Spresso, an Imperial Stout brewed with roasted coffee beans for a roasted, bitter, treacly and rich beer, has been in the shops for a week and we’ve already sold through a fair few cases. The other new arrivals from these guys is this their Tropigamma, a tropical IPA brewed with *takes a deep breath* pineapple, mango, papaya, passionfruit, guava, mango and lime juice! With plenty of hop character for a bitter bite to support this fruity sweetness, lactose, the non-fermentable sugar used in milk, and oats add a big body to this beer to make for a rounded beer. This amped up version of their Gamma Ray is sure to be one of the biggest releases of the year.
Although these aren’t new releases, we’ve now got the brand spanking new 330ml Thornbridge beers in stock. The first load of their new packaged beers we’re stocking are their Huck IIPA, Lukas Helles, AM:PM Session IPA, Crackendale Pale Ale, Halcyon IIPA and Coco Wonderland Chocolate Stout. Expect to see way more of their beers in our fridges because everything we’ve got in so far has been flying out.
We’ve also seen plenty of new cans coming into the shops over the last two weeks. From one of our favourite Manchester Breweries, Alphabet Brewing Co., their trio of can releases is completed the Hoi Polloi pilsner. For the first time, we’re stocking Verdant Forest, a Cornish brewery who have been making some serious waves with their hop forward beers, and we now have their Headband Pale and Bloom IPA in all three stores. Northern Monk continue to dominate several shelves in our can fridges with the release of HOPS and MALT, two of the three beers in their annual trilogy of beers celebrating the ingredients of beer – keep an eye out for YEAST which should be arriving soon! We’ve also got in their Festive Star, the special Christmas version of the core range Mocha Star porter. From Hawkshead Brewery up in the Lake district, we have their first two can releases, their NZ IPA and Iti, their sessionable Kiwi hopped pale.
It seems that every time we look away, Siren, walk up behind us and drop a whole load of new releases on our laps. Their VIPA was brewed in collaboration with IndyManBeerCon festival up in Manchester, and is a take on the most famous of soft drinks to come out of Mancheste; Vimto. Also from Siren we’ve got restocks of their Ten Dollar Shake after you guys drank Balham and Clapham Junction dry of it, and also Amigos Britanicos, a 6% honey, lime and chilli saison brewed in collaboration with Casita Cerveceria and Beavertown.
Back in London, Weird Beard’s collaboration with Brewdog Shoreditch is Dead By Dawn, a 5.6% cherry breakfast stout which is tasting fantastic. Also in from these guys we’ve got their annual winter release, Black Christmas, another stout brewed with Cranberries for that festive cheer! Another annual release, but this time on the lighter side, is India Rubber Ball from Pressure Drop, a 7.2% Citra and Simcoe IPA brewed with fresh clementine juice which was super ridiculously popular this time last year. From our most local brewery, Sambrook’s, we’ve got some of the first ever kegs and bottles of their brand new Red Ale which promises plenty of American hops with a lovely, warming malt base as well as their Imperial Stout which is quite frankly, one of the most outrageously drinkable 10% Imperial Stouts you’ll ever enjoy.