This week sees the release of Beavertown’s latest core range beer, Lupuloid, their first time they’ve ever put a straight, no frills IPA into can. Based on the evolving Invasion of the Lupuloids keg series where they tweaked and changed the recipe based on your guys feedback, this is one of the most asked about releases we’ve had in a long time, so we thought we should probably start by announcing its arrival! Another new canned core range beer is Five Points’ Pils, a fantastic example of what a traditional Pilsner should taste like if done well. Staying in London, although we normally only talk about bottle releases, we’re incredibly excited for the new Brew By Numbers 21|03 Pale Ale which will be hitting the taps very soon in Balham! Hazy and juicy, these guys might only be on their third straight pale ale, but they’ve been absolutely nailing them so far.
Travelling West of London, we’re incredibly excited for the release of Siren’s Barrel Aged Caribbean Chocolate Cake. Brewed around 12 months ago, this milk stout with cocoa nibs and Cypress wood has spent the last 12 months sat in three different bourbon barrels. A few weeks ago, the different barrels were blended back together before a shorter ageing on more vanilla and chocolate occurred. When we had the “clean” version of this beer on tap around a year ago, it flew out of them so we’re excited for this! Also joining the BA Caribbean Chocolate Cake is their Summer Citra Party. An 8% IPA, it was a slightly spontaneous beer, brewed to make up a gap in the brew schedule after some hops didn’t arrive.
Heading north, we’ve finally gotten our hands on Northern Monk’s Mango Lassi Heathen. This IPA has been brewed with mangos and lactose for super fruity flavour and full bodied beer! A favourite of all the WBB staff who’ve tried this beer, we don’t expect this to hang around for very long. Across to Manchester, we’ve got more new Marble beers to join the barrel aged beers we recently got in. Their Metal Series is based on newish head brewer James Kemp’s love for metal music, so see if you can spot all the metal references in the beer names! Built to Fall is their American Pale Ale, whilst Damage Plan is the IPA that has been on tap in both shops and been bought up in pretty much a single day. Your Betrayal is the American-hopped pilsner whilst we’re excited to try their latest release, Into the Void, an Imperial, Kiwi-hopped pilsner that’s going to be all kinds of delicious! Then up to Scotland, we’ve got a duel-release from BrewDog with the latest in their line of Jackhammer variants, Chillihammer, which is the same base beer but with a load of Scotch bonnet chilli’s added for a good kick at the end. Another beer for the “hot-heads”, we’re also excited for their Neon Overlord, a mango and chilli IPA in one of the coolest cans we’ve seen for a long time!
Stepping away from the “New-World” hops, we’ve got some more traditional British beers, and noble-hopped lagers coming in. The St. Peters Best Bitter, Suffolk Gold and Lager all stand out on the shelves in their distinctive 500ml oval bottles. From Tadcaster, Yorkshire, we’ve got Sam Smith’s returning to the stores. Their Organic Pale Ale is an awesome Bitter and incredibly popular over in the USA where not many people brew this style. Their India Ale may not have the intense hop character of modern IPAs, but is an awesome example of balancing British malts and hops whilst their Organic Lager is the perfect example of how good a lager can be with a little TLC. Finally, from possibly the most northern UK brewery, we’ve got Dark Island old ale and Raven golden ale from Orkney Brewery, just off the north cost of Scotland!
Heading over to Sweden, the gipsy brewers, Omnipollo, make their return with their Pilsner, Perikles, and Fatamorgana, an IIPA brewed with oats and wheat. Also from Omnipollo, we have the Mazarin Pale Ale and Leon Belgian Blonde back on the shelves after a few months off of them. Finally, we’ve got the Crooked Stave Hop Savant Galaxy, part of their Hop Savant series. This beer underwent primary fermentation with Crooked Stave’s house Brettanomyces mixed-culture before being aged in barrels with plenty of Galaxy hops chucked in for good measure!