We have a fair amount of new beer arriving this week, so we’ll dispense with the waffle for the most part. From California we’ve got a whole load of new beers and returning favourites coming back in cans. Mike Hess was one of the first breweries to introduce 360º can lids to their range of beers, and this ex-homebrewer is very highly regarded. His Claritas Kolsch, Habitus Rye IPA, Solis Occasus IPA and Grazias Vienna Cream Ale all flew off the shelves last time around, so make sure to grab these quickly. Belchin’ Beaver’s Peanut Butter Stout is another massive favourite of a lot of people and is joined by their Me So Honey and Hop Highway pale beers. With some of the most gorgeously designed cans, Modern Times manage brew beer just as good, and for the second time, we’re delighted to stock their Black House oatmeal coffee stout and Oneida session pale ale. Finally, the returning Green Flash Sea to Sea lager is joined by their Passion Fruit Kicker wheat beer in cans, whilst we got our hands on another of their special Cellar 3 releases, Blanc Tarte Barrique.
Heading back to Europe, we’ve got something incredibly exciting from Belgium. Twice a year Tilquin sends beers over to the UK and if you’re into your Lambic beers, then this is the guy to try. Take wort (the unfermented base for beer), Tilquin age the beer in their own oak barrels before ageing them. This time around we’ve got the Gueuze (a blend of three different ages of Lambic), Gueuze2 (a higher ABV blend), Mure (a blackberry Lambic), Quetsche (a plum Lambic) and Stout Rullquin (a 1:7 blend of Tilquin’s Lambic and La Rulle’s Stout). These aren’t over very often and it’s always incredibly exciting when we get them in stock!
Also from Europe, Denmark’s To Øl have bought back their Sur Amarillo sour mashed IPA in can and introduced Sur Galaxy, a brand new sour mashed Black IPA – a style we can honestly say we’ve never had in before! From Germany, we’ve got a special version of the legendary Schneider Tap X aged in Barique Pinot Noir barrels and their Festweisse.
From the capital we’ve got a fair few exciting new beers arriving. Brixton Brewery have celebrated their third birthday by brewing Hurricane, a amped up version of their flagship Atlantic APA. The yearly release of Beavertown’s Stingy Jack is our first pumpkin beer of the season and it’s return signifies the end of the summer months. Finally, we’ve got the latest Brew By Numbers 55|03 Double IPA, which follows on from the last two that were incredibly well regarded.
Outside of London, we’re excited to get our hands on Northern Monk’s Black Forest Strannik, a cherried (the verb form of ‘cherry’) version of their Imperial Stout. This is incredibly limited so make sure to grab a can quickly! We’ve also got their Dark Arches Black IPA, a style that hasn’t been brewed so much recently so is great to have some more in the store. From Scotland, Fyne Ales Avalanche and Vital Spark are making their debuts in the Balham store.