With Oktoberfest just around the corner, the next two weeks of arrivals are all going to be about German beers! We often say that if we were to open up 10 years ago, we wouldn’t be able to survive without most of our trade coming from German beers, however, they’ve now taken a back seat to the more vogue styles from America and Belgium. Nevertheless, they remain just as well crafted as ever, and when Oktoberfest rolls around, the increased interest in them means we can really fill up our shelves with the best the German’s have to offer!
The popular Tegernsee Hell is joined by the 1806 Max I. Joseph Export, another Hell style that was first brewed back in 2006 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of Bavaria. For the first time we’ve been able to stock Ayinger, who’ve been brewing since 1877 in the Aying district just outside of Munich. Their Jahrhundert is a Helles that has been brewed since 1978, whilst their Ur-Weisse is the commonly the most well-regarded example of a Dunkelweizen (dark hefeweizen) – a style that if you haven’t tried will surprise you! Joining these two, we’ve also got beers from Warsteiner, Rothaus, Andechser Acrobraeu and Augustiner. Keep an eye out next week for all the Oktoberfest beers that’ll be arriving!
From our local London breweries, Howling Hops have released a beer that would bring joy to the face of any writer getting paid by the word, with their Double Chocolate Coffee Toffee Vanilla Milk Porter (the delivery has been delayed and won’t arrive until next week)! We’ve also re-ordered their IPA, Pale XX and Pils, the core range beers which led to us choosing them as our Brewery of the Week last week. Also from Hackney, we’ve got Enz from Pressure Drop, a NZ-hopped IPA that was last brewed around a year ago and we were still getting asked about long after it’d been completely sold out.
Beavertown have re-brewed their extremely, horrendously, outrageously, crazily popular Bloody Notorious! We’ve managed to get our hands on a fair amount of these, but we still don’t expect them to hang around for long. Gamma Ray is now back in stock after a 2 week hiatus where London managed to drink the brewery dry of it! We’ve also got re-ups of beers from London Beer Lab, Canopy, Mondo, Brixton, Orbit and, as always, The Kernel.
Denmark’s Amager are back in stock with Wookie IPA, The Lady of Cofitachequi and, most excitingly, their collaboration with American brewery Surly, Todd the Axeman IPA! These guys probably do more collaborations than any other brewery and their beers, especially their IPAs, really do show the benefit of learning off so many different people.
Finally, our Evil Twin cans from last week have been re-stocked after you guys ran through them, and also joined by another beer which is a little bit special! We’ve got the Imperial Doughnut Break, a “dry-doughnuted” version of their Imperial Biscotti Break! Amazingly enough, this isn’t our first “dry-doughnuted” beer, but at 11.5% ABV, it’s definitely our biggest!