As always, we’ve got a whole load of new and exciting beers arriving in all three of our stores this week! We’ll start with all the new beers we’ve got in, and then talk about some of our returning favourites.
First up is the infamous Westbrook Mexican Cake Imperial Stout, brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and habanero peppers that was originally for their 1st anniversary, but quickly became a cult classic! We’ve also managed to get our hands on the only cases of Port Brewing Kook DIPA and Swami IPA in the country – we’ve had these in before and they’ve never hung around for very long, so don’t wait around to long if you want to grab these two. These are being joined by Brooklyn Brewery’s The Discreet Charm of the Framboisie, a sour ale that was aged on a load of raspberries with brett and lacto and was limited to only 6 cases in the UK.
Also coming over from America, we’ve got the motherload of Evil Twin cans which will be available in all three of our stores! We have (*takes a deep breath*), Imperial Biscotti Break, Even More Jesus, Falco, Hipster Ale, Retro IPA, Wet Dream, Lil B, Low Life and Bikini Beer. In all honesty, the chance to try Even More Jesus and Imperial Biscotti Break, pretty much Evil Twin’s two most well thought of beers, in cans is an incredibly exciting one – who doesn’t love Imperial Stouts in a can?!

Whilst we got our hands on some of the first Stone cans to come out of Berlin, they flew off the shelves and a lot of people missed out on them. Luckily, we’ve managed to get our hands on a load more and so if you missed out on these exceptionally fresh, hop-forward beers the first time round, you haven’t missed the boat. We’ve got re-stocks of their Go-To IPA, IPA, Cali-Belgique IPA, Ruination 2.0 DIPA and Arrogant Bastard, as well as on 750ml bottles their bretted IPA, Enjoy After.

That’s pretty much all our new beers from afar, however we’ve also go re-ups of beers from Founders, Yeastie Boys, To Øl, Mikkeller, Jopen and Maui. We’ve also got in plenty of local beers from some of our favourite breweries, both inside and outside of London.

Partizan’s single-hop Citra Pale Ale and their Sorachi Ace & Simcoe IPA are the latest variations of  their core range “hoppy” beers, whilst we’ve doubled up on their Saisons in Clapham Junction with some both Rhubarb & Ginger and Lemon & Thyme both coming onto our shelves. Also from Bermondsey, we’ve got some new Brew By Numbers Belgian Pale Ale, Lemon & Hibiscus Saison, Galaxy & Nelson IPA and their latest Coffee Porter. As always The Kernel have provided us with several new hop variations of their IPAs and Pale Ales, whilst we’re going to prove that Cloudwater can brew more than just DIPAs, by showcasing their Lagers and IPA.