Inspired by Pete Brown’s posts and talks on beer and music pairing, we began thinking about what beers reminded us of what music and vice versa. Sometimes this might be because of similar histories, or sometimes it might be because the flavours of the beer and tone of the music just seem to match. This is the first blog in our beer and music matching series.

When The Kernel opened their doors in 2009, they were part of a very small London beer scene – a scene that has exploded exponentially since they brewed their first beer. In much the same way, when the Ramones released their debut album in ’76, their primitive, raw sound stood out against the other music of the time. Their songs were fast and furious, rarely lasting longer than 2 and a half minutes, a block of sound that hits you with energy – blink and you’ll miss it. Similarly, The Kernel never repeat a beer, one batch is all you are going to get, so if you want it, you’d better be quick! Rockaway Beach was released at a time when punk music was portrayed in the media by razors, safety pins and violence. It was a song inspired by early surf rock, a slight sidestep from the pure aggression of the rest of the punk scene. Incredibly evolved, this song is the product of the Ramones doing what they do and ignoring everything else that is going on. The Kernel’s IPA never attempts too sell itself as anything that it isn’t, they don’t include tasting notes, they don’t try and tell people how to enjoy their beer. They let you know what hops are included, the ABV, and then just leave you to enjoy it.

Both the Ramones and The Kernel put their products out there, and let them speak for themselves. There is no pretence or over-complication, it’s simple and it works!