This weekend we’re proud to be one of the launch partners for this year’s JJJ triple IPA from Bristol’s Moor Brewery. Pouring on draught jn Balham & Clapham Junction from Saturday and available in cans at all stores from Sunday, we hope you can join to try a beer that is not to be missed. Here’s the lowdown on this classic beer.

Forget the ABV, which is just a by-product of the passion. It was created by James & Josh from the Queen’s Arms, Corton Denham, and Justin Hawke, founder and head brewer at Moor (hence the JJJ). Their shared enthusiasm for great beers and the distinct lack of big, hoppy beers available in the UK 10 years ago led them to brew their own version of heaven. Double was just not enough – it needed to be bigger. Triple the gravity, triple the colour, and more than triple the hops. With over a tonne of British floor malt and 65kgs of hops this beer is big in every sense. In fact, it was so big and hoppy the first time round that it broke our pump! This beer is a real blend of British and American brewing styles. Unlike many Imperial IPA’s being brewed today this is made with 100% malt, adding a depth of flavour beyond the hop character. Rich in colour, heady in aroma, but somehow still remaining balanced, this beer is not for the faint of heart.

When first released in 2007 it caught everyone off guard and instantly became a cult beer. It was the inspiration for many of the Double and Imperial IPA’s that you enjoy today from celebrated brewers around the world. Relocation of the brewery, capacity constraints and scarcity of ingredients put JJJ on hold for a few years, but consumers were so ravenous for it that they decided to make it an annual release from last year.

If you don’t like layers of complex intensity don’t even think about it. But if you do, we think you will enjoy this very special and unique beer