Mondo Brewery have been a constant in our stores since the day they opened, not only because they make great beers, but because they’re also based really close to our Clapham Junction store. We’ve shared more than a few beers with Todd & Tom (Mondo founders) and love their whole ethos of beer discovery and commitment to exploring as much of the world of beer as they can (hence the name Mondo, meaning world).

So it came as no surprise to us that this journey of discovery led them down a historical path recently when an itch to know more about the long defunct Plough Brewery on Wandsworth Road (very close to the Mondo Brewery) led to a reimagining of a historic beer recipe, in association with Batterssea based food magazine Foodism & beer history writer Ron Pattinson. The full story can be found on the Foodsim site here.

To celebrate the launch of this historical beer, and coinciding with a big new rebrand for Mondo, we’re excited to be welcoming Todd to our Battersea store to talk beers, history & Battersea this Friday 8th March at 7pm.

Spaces are free but limited, email to get on the list.