Man drinking a craft beer
Rob Chipchase joined the We Brought Beer team back in July this year, causing instant chaos by having the same name as shop manager Rob Beattie. As befits a crisis of this size, an immediate all hands meeting was called to discuss what could be done to avoid inevitable confusion. Various names were bandied about during the heated discussion with Rob 2.0 looking to be a front runner, a naming convention that could work well down the line if this situation were to arise again. In the end, we opted for Chippy because it rolled off the tongue better, and a couple of months on most people have forgotten Chippy’s real name. Cue sigh of relief from Rob Beattie.

Chippy joined us from Fulham’s Lazy Fox, a decent but sadly closing down craft beer pub, and so came armed with a wealth of beer knowledge, meaning he hit the ground the running. He is a self-confessed Stone fan-boy, happy to part his cash for any of their offerings but he was left disappointed that his arrival coincided with us reducing our range of Stone beers due to concerns over freshness & enjoy by dates. Suffice to say, the opening of the Stone Berlin brewery cannot come soon enough for Chippy. With a penchant for Batman themed clothing (no cape or mask so far but watch this space), not to mention his distinctive rings and a permanent smile of some sort on his face (occasionally cheeky, sometimes friendly, often devious!), Chippy cuts a pretty striking presence in store and has been a great addition to our growing team of beer lovers!

With Rob 1.0 moving over to our new store in Clapham Junction in two weeks, Chippy has been preparing to take the managerial reigns at the Balham shop so we thought it was high time we put him through our standard interrogation so you can all get to know him that little bit better.

1. From where do you hail?

Battersea in south London, down the road from Sambrooks!

2. What’s your earliest memory of drinking craft beer?

When I first started drinking in pubs I just copied my dad. So real ales like Hobgoblin, London Pride and Young’s. Then I started working in a pub that used to sell Meantime. Needless to say my love affair with beer started then.

3. What’s your favourite beer label?

It’s between Stone and Naparbier for me. The Stone gargoyle just stands out from other bottles.

4. If you could go on a beer pilgrimage to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Being a bit of a Stone brewery fan boy it would have to be San Diego to the World Bistro and Gardens. Not only to see the brewery but also try the amazing food.

5. What’s your current favourite beer style?

I have been a bit obsessed with Flemish red’s like Rodenbach. It has this amazing sour red wine quality that I can’t get enough of!

6. Where is your favourite place to drink in London?

My regular port of call is Project Orange in Clapham Junction. It’s a lovely alternative bar with a decent selection of beers and great music.

7. Tell us your favourite collaboration beer.

Tough one…. I would say the Barrel Aged Nacken from Siren and Omnipollo is up there.

8. What would soundtrack your drinking session?

Mostly Metallica.

9. What do you enjoy most about working in the beer industry?

The innovation and creativity from the breweries always impresses me, everything is always exciting and new. Also it’s like a little community, everyone is always helpful and friendly.