Although Norwich is a thriving beer city, it has long lived in the long shadows of huge regionals Adnams and Greene King. Modern craft beer produced in the city has been limited, that is until Redwell Brewery came along in 2013. Focusing on lagers and American influenced craft beers, Redwell are one of the UK’s most exciting young breweries.

As well as producing some incredible craft beers, they also own the Norwich Tap House which is a must visit if you find yourself in that part of the world. We wanted to get to know a bit more about the brewery so we had a chat with Redwell marketing manager Nate Southwood.

1. State your full name and job title at Redwell Brewery: 

Nate Southwood, Marketing Manager

2. Could we have your elevator pitch?/Short description of your brewery – what makes you special or different?

We are dedicated to brewing hand crafted lagers and kegged ales. We use the finest ingredients and spend the time to let our beers fully condition.

3. What is the potted history of the brewery?

We started brewing in 2013 after finding that there were no lagers we wanted to drink in the bars of Norwich. From there, we’ve managed to expand production, employ more staff, expand our range of different beers and eventually get our Steam Lager into cans.

4. Why is the brewery called Redwell?

Redwell got its name from Redwell Street where one of the brewery owners, Patrick, owns a craft beer bar called Norwich Taphouse.

5. Which is your favourite beer from Redwell and why?

White IPA for sure. It’s a little stronger than any of the other beers in our portfolio at 6% but it is ridiculously drinkable. It has all of the refreshing qualities of a wheat beer but all of the hoppiness that I crave in an IPA.

6. Share with us your favourite beer fact, stat, quote?

Alcoholics in Amsterdam get paid in beer to clean the streets (they also get 10€ and some tobacco)

7. What makes you most proud to run Redwell?

I don’t exactly run it, but I’m so proud to work for the most exciting brewery in East Anglia, after a year and a half of drinking Redwell beers. To be honest, it’s just generally an exciting time for beer in the UK so I’m proud to be in the industry!

8. Picture this: You are moving to a desert island but they only stock one kind of beer per resident – what beer would you choose and why (not from your own brewery)?

Probably Beavertown Neck Oil – it’s the perfect Session IPA. A fairly modest ABV, light, refreshing and ridiculously drinkable. It’s a beer you can never get bored of!

9. If a film was made about Redwell, what would be the theme tune?

Well, actually, we did have a video made for us (focusing on our Production Wizard David Jones) on our website so the song on that would be the theme tune! Check it out on

10. Do you have anything to add?

We’re just really happy to be part of a growing scene and being able to get our beers out to pubs and into shops. Craft Beer in the UK is expanding rapidly and it’s just so exciting!