Orbit Brewery joined the London craft beer scene in 2014, housed in a railway arch in Kennington. Rather than just producing the same styles & beers as other brewers, Orbit have cut a different path and their range includes a Koln style lager, a Dusseldorf style altbier and a smokey rauchbier, as well as a couple of pale ales. This detour from the norm seems to be working for them and their beers are firm favourites here at We Brought Beer. We had a chat with Orbit’s founder to find out a bit more about what they do and why they do it.
1. State your full name and job title at Orbit Brewery

Robert Middleton, Founder

2. Could we have your elevator pitch for your brewery – what makes you special or different?

We favour European styles, aim for flavour with drinkability and all the beer names have a musical connection

3. What is the potted history of the brewery?

Inspired by a camper van trip around Scottish breweries, wrote a book, found an arch, hired Mario, started brewing last July, hired Robbie, keeping going…

4. Why is the brewery called Orbit?

That was my first nickname on account of being unable to say the letter ‘R’ when I was wee. Obet => Orbit

5. Which is your favourite beer from Orbit and why?

I think Neu just pips the others – a unique style, clean, dry, but with complex flavours. Looks ace in the glass too.

6. Share with us your favourite beer fact, stat, quote?

Brewday: Make beer, drink tea. Day off: Make tea, drink beer.

7. What makes you most proud to run Orbit?

Positive feedback from our customers and being part of the London beer scene.

8. Picture this: You are moving to a desert island but they only stock one kind of beer per resident – what beer would you choose and why (not from your own brewery)?

Kernel Table Beer. Sessionable (long days on the beach), refreshing, flavourful and I wouldn’t get bored of it because they’d probably keep changing the hops around!

9. If a film was made about Orbit, what would be the theme tune?

Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks. It’s in my head most days I cycle across Waterloo Bridge.

10. Do you have anything to add?

Thanks to everyone who’s helped Orbit during our creation and short life so far.

You can find out more about Orbit on their website here.