Regulars at our Balham & Tooting stores will likely recognise the latest member of our team to feature here on our blog. Pete joined us exactly a year ago this month, bringing with him not just a wealth of beer knowledge but bags of experience in hospitality so you can be sure you’re in good hands when he’s curating your beers. We thought it was about time we introduced him properly in the latest of our ‘Meet the Team’ blogs. Over to you Pete.
1. From where do you hail?

Budapest, Hungary, where a sprinkle of spicy paprika can just about solve all your problems.

2. What’s your earliest memory of drinking craft beer?

My first Oh! moment was Bosko IPA from Pressure Drop.

3. What’s your favourite beer label?

It’s got to be the seasonal sour range from Brick Brewery. Really elegant & simple, I always look forward to seeing what the next one will look like.

4. If you could go on a beer pilgrimage to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Belgium, US East Coast, Australia, Canada, Latvia, Chil…you get the idea.

5. What’s your current favourite beer style?

Sours. All and every sour!

6. Where is your favourite place to drink in London?

The Brick Brewery taproom in Peckham is a pretty cool spot to hang out, particularly after they upped their tap range to over 20. Plus, there’s always plenty of great sours to sample 😃.

7. Tell us your favourite collaboration beer.

Gipsy Hill did a collaboration with To øl earlier this year called Goober – a chocolate and peanut butter stout which actually tasted of peanut butter (not easy to do in a beer). It was basically a tasty desert in can.

8. What would soundtrack your drinking session?

10ft Ganja Plant, Thievery Corporation, French 79, Romare. (Ed. note, I’ve not heard of any of these either!)

9. What do you enjoy most about working in the beer industry?

Drinking good beer and listening to beer related (mis)adventures is pretty good fun, what’s not to like?