We don’t just like to sell beer here at We Brought Beer. We like to meet the people who make it,  to understand their motivations and get under the skin of why they do what they do.

In the first of our series of meet the brewer Q&A’s, we’ve had a chat with Adrian Thomas from our most local brewery Belleville Brewing Co.

Belleville Brewery Fermenter

1. State your full name and job title at Belleville Brewery

Adrian Thomas – Owner/director/brewer

2. Could we have your elevator pitch?/Short description of your brewery – what makes you special or different?

We brew beer inspired by beers I have had in the U.S. and supply to our local SW London area

3. What is the potted history of the brewery?

I organized two beer festivals at Belleville School and on the second, put in two of my homebres. Other dads liked them and that gave me the idea to start a brewery.

4. Why is the brewery called Belleville?

It’s named after the school where our children go.

5. Which is your favourite beer from Belleville and why?

Changes all the time, but probably Commonside Pale Ale. It’s fairly simple and so you can’t hide any mistakes.

6. Share with us your favourite beer fact, stat, quote?

Last year in Atlanta, Sweetwater brewing sold more beer than Miller/Coors

7. What makes you most proud to run Belleville?

When people say they like our beer.

8. Picture this: You are moving to a desert island but they only stock one kind of beer per resident – what beer would you choose and why (not from your own brewery)?

Odell IPA. It is the best example of the style that I have had. And I have had a lot.

9. If a film was made about Belleville, what would be the theme tune?


10. Do you have anything to add?

The fun thing about the brewery is that I feel we are growing, not in capacity, but in our ability to brew good beer. We continuously strive to make it better and I like the idea of our customers taking the ride with us.

Adrian will be joining us tonight (4th Feb) for a meet the brewer event in store where he’ll guide us through 5 of his beers and answer lots more questions you may have that haven’t been answered above.