You’re probably thinking “oh man, those loyalty cards above don’t look anything like the We Brought Beer loyalty card I have in my wallet!” And you’d be right, because they don’t, because they are in fact the brand new, very swanky loyalty cards we’re introducing across our three shops along with the new till system we’ve just had installed (complete with barcode scanner to speed up the checkout process).

This means a slight shake up with how you guys get your loyalty points, but we promise it’s very simple and means you still make great savings!

First off, the basic facts:
• £1 spent in stores gets you 5 points
• 1 point gets you 1 penny
• when your points balance hits 500+ points, you can redeem them against any purchase you like

Secondly, a couple more nuggets of info:
• current stamp cards are, for the time being, still valid, and you can continue using them until they’re full, alongside your new electronic loyalty card
Two Stamp Tuesday has undergone a £1 million re-brand, and is now going to be called Ten Point Tuesday!, meaning you’ll get 10 points for every £1 spent on Tuesdays (see what we did there)

We’ve decided to move over to this new electronic loyalty scheme for a number of reasons, all of which are beneficial to you, our customers.

1) It means you guys won’t have 4 cards knocking around because you forget to bring them into the shop to get stamped. Instead, we’ll be able to add the points to your profile, even if you don’t have the card with you.

2) If you’ve forgotten what you bought last time, we can easily look it up and let you know, so no more trying to recognise the label of the beer.

3) This also means that even if we don’t have cards available, we’re able to set-up accounts so you can still get your points from your previous purchases (no having to wait for James to remember to order some more cards).

4) Finally, you guys get more consistent rewards for your purchases.  This is because, with the old stamp card loyalty scheme, whether you spent £12 or £20, you only got one stamp because we couldn’t do half-stamps. Now, however, you earn points for each pound you spend, meaning every pound counts and you get more than you ever would have before!

That about sums it all up and, since pictures of loyalty cards aren’t that interesting (however swanky they are) here’s a picture of James’s dog we’ve been trying to shoehorn into a blog post for some months now!