Buying beer is a funny process, influenced by so many factors, be it the day you’ve had, the weather outside or just the understanding that it’s 5pm somewhere in the world. And usually coming in to store to browse the selection is all part of the fun. But there are times when, for whatever reason, you can’t make it into the shop, or you just want the convenience of having a beer delivery to your doorstep.

This is why we’re delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with Hubbub, a home delivery service who partner with the best local shops to bring the high street to you. And what’s more, they offer same-day delivery if you order before 12 midday.

We’ve got about 100 of our products currently available, ranging from local beers to growlers and homebrew kits. And we’re so excited about the prospect of you being able to order from your desks in the morning for delivery that evening, that we’ve even gone and dreamt up a few special offers!

OFFER 1: Use promo code WBB20 at checkout to automatically receive £20 off any order over £50. (and that order can be across all shops on the site, not just with us).

OFFER 2: Each week, from now until the end of October, we will be offering 20% off five different beers which will be pinned on the Specials Board every Thursday.

OFFER 3: We’re throwing in a fully stamped loyalty card, which entitles you to £5 off your next shop in-store.

Below are the first 5 beers that will be receiving a 20% discount with links to their product pages on our hubbub mini-site. If you fancy having a little look around, check out our store page here.

The American Beer: Anchor – Steam Beer
Down to £2.56 (from £3.20)
Having survived prohibition, Anchor were slowly being strangled by the megabreweries of the time. In 1965 it was purchased by Fritz Maytag who invested in new equipment and improved standards, revitalising them. Then, in 1971, they produced their first batch of Anchor Steam. Compared to the light lagers, this beer was full of rich malt character, with a comparatively hop-forward profile. Whilst this is tame by modern standards, it is a classic from the start of the revolution, and is a staple for any fridge.
The Belgian Beer: Brouwerij Huyghe – Delirium Tremens
Down to £3.60 (from £4.50)
From Belgium comes Delirium Tremens. This beer has an incredibly dedicated following, having won numerous international awards and being named “Best Beer in the World” in 1998. We decided on Delirium Tremens to represent our Belgian beer selection because it has a delicateness about it that makes it easily approachable. However, there are subtle hints of rich fruitiness coming from the yeast, and a sweetness that keeps this beer dry and drinkable whilst completely hiding its high ABV.
The English Beer: Ilkley – Joshua Jane
Down to £2.88 (from £3.60)
In the 1920s, Ilkley Brewery closed down, having been operational since 1973. In 2009, it was reopened with the intention of producing traditional ales that are also inspired by beers from around the world. In this regard, we believe that their Joshua Jane, a traditional Yorkshire bitter brewed with American hops, is a beer that perfectly combines the old with the new. With a deep, hazy amber colour, it has the nuttiness of a traditional bitter, with the fruitiness of an American Pale Ale.
The Canned Beer: Moor – So’Hop
Down to £2.32 (from £2.90)
Having started in 1996, Moor began gaining popularity and racking up the awards, including Champion Winter Beer of Britain in 2004. In 2007 they we bought out by Americans Justin and Maryann Hawke who brought all production in-house and expanded to 10bbl, and then again to 20bbl in 2011. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and last month, began canning their beers. So’Hop is the perfect beer to put in a can – vibrant, juicy and fresh, it’s a beer made for festivals, BBQs and good times.
The Local Beer: Belleville – Commonside
Down to £2.72 (from £3.40)
Belleville have been a main stay in our shop since we opened up last August. Based opposite Wandsworth Common station they are our most local brewery, and produce an incredibly solid core-range of beers. The Commonside is a pale ale brewed in the American style and is the best selling of their range, available year round. Owner & head brewer Adrian is a well of beer knowledge, fan of beer name puns and Americana – so much so that their tagline is “Beers from over there, brewed over here”. We have a massive love for what they are doing at Belleville so why not give them a try.