Since we first opened our doors two and a half years ago, the British beer scene has changed immeasurably. A big part of this change has been the expansion of some incredible breweries, whilst we’ve also seen overall consistency improve. This means there are now breweries who not only have an extensive range of different beers, but one in which you can guarantee the quality of each and every line. A line up including everything from Stouts and Sours, to Porters and Pales is not uncommon as breweries becoming bolder and more confident in their own capabilities.
But what does this mean for us, and why are we blogging about it? Well, thinking about the diversity of beers on offer from certain breweries got us thinking “how can we best showcase what these guys are doing?”. The answer we came up with is something we’re calling “A Spotlight On…”. A simple premise, it will see us choose a different brewery each month who (i) we have a lot of love and respect for; (ii) have a diverse portfolio of styles; (iii) are consistently brewing some of the best beer available around the UK. We will then be dedicating the second weekend of the month to this brewery, allowing them a total takeover of all 11 draught lines across our three stores, plus a large amount of fridge & shelf space, to allow their range to really shine through. Paired up with plenty of info about said brewery and the beers on offer, our hope is we can do justice to some of the best breweries in the business.
Our first “A Spotlight On…” will be the second week of February, with all the kegs being hooked up on Thursday 9th, and lasting until Sunday 12th. We’ll be announcing the breweries on the 1st of every month, and will be teasing the beer lists in the week or so leading up to the showcase so keep an eye on our blog and social media for more info as each showcase approaches.

We look forward to bringing you some amazing beers.