When July 4th rolled by, we wanted to celebrate America’s incredible craft brewing scene, and judging by the amount of American craft beer we got through, it would appear we were not alone! We dedicated all 3 double fridges to showcasing 150 beers from 40 different breweries as well as dedicating all 4 growler taps to US kegs. On average, there was a growler fill every six minutes throughout the day and we’re over the moon that our US experiment was well received.

Below are the top 20 best sellers from Independence Day. Have a look below and see if others agree with your taste in beer, or if you were a bit of a maverick and drunk by your own rules.

1. Kona Big Wave

2. Kona Longboard

3. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Cans

4. Firestone Walker Easy Jack Cans

5. Kona Castaway

6. Founders All Day IPA Cans

7. Flying Dog Easy IPA Cans

8. Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale Cans

9. Anchor Summer Ale

10. Anchor California Lager Cans

11. Brooklyn Lager Cans

12. Ruhstaller Gilt Edge Lager Cans

13. Tailgate Session IPA Cans

14. Tailgate Blacktop Blonde Cans

15. Brooklyn Summer Ale Cans

16. Ska Rudie Cans

17. Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay

18. Anchor Steam Beer

19. Ballast Point Even Keel Cans

20. Stone IPA

There is clearly an obvious west coast domination with half of the breweries located on the left side of America, but then perhaps this is not surprising given how thriving the craft beer industry is in California. What was surprising however was how many cans everyone bought – 65% of the top 20 were cans! Despite the short shrift that they are often given, and the stigma that is associated with them, it’s clear that you good people are ignoring the naysayers. Cans are the perfect vessel for keeping light off the beer, they’re easily transportable and they stay colder far longer than bottles so we’re over the moon to see them so well represented in the top 20.

Encouragingly for us as well, is the amount of beers on that list that are relatively new to the shop. Steadfasts like Kona and Anchor Steam were always going to be good bets to be in this top 20; however, breweries like Ballast Point, Ruhstaller and Firestone Walker are very recent additions to the shop. Even new beers by regular breweries, such as Anchor’s Summer Ale and Flying Dog’s Dead Rise, outsold the more established beers in that breweries range. Knowing there is still a thirst for new and different beers in the shop is one of the things which continues to drive us.

We hope you enjoyed this Independence Day celebration as much as we did (even despite the 2 am finish to get the shop ready!) All we need next year is some hot dogs and a star spangled banner top hat!