The final five beers for our Hubbub Beers of the Week have been chosen, and they’re goon ‘uns! To ramp things up a level for the final time, we’ve thrown an extra offer into the mix.

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Troubadour were started in 2000 by four friends how had graduated for Kaho St. Lieven, a brewing school in Flanders. By most countries standards, they’re a fairly well established brewery, but by Belgian standards they’re barely out of their infancy! However, having grown up influenced by what was happening in America, and also their own countries brewing traditions, they’ve developed some incredibly cool fusion styles. From a subtle Belgian Blonde to a huge 9.2% Black IPA, they have a small but perfectly varied core range.

The Magma is their Belgian Triple that has been bittered with Czech hops and then dry-hopped with Simcoe for a massive tropical fruit aroma. There is a liqueur-like characteristic to this beer, it’s got a sweet, sticky boozy backbone that makes it a great post-heavy meal drink to just sip at. The softer flavours of Belgian triples merge wonderfully with the sharper bitter flavours of the American hops.

Much like last week, our canned beer is from a brewery who, aside from the occasional small batch stuff, exclusively can and keg their beer. Fourpure started out in 2013 and they have gone on to establish themselves as one of the most consistent and detail orientated breweries around. Talking to their brewers, you get a real sense that not a single variable is ever overlooked when it comes to ensuring quality and constancy. Their beers are named simply after the style that they are, because their beers are just incredibly good examples of those styles! Whether you’re drinking one of their beers now or in six months time, you can almost guarantee it will taste the same.

As with all their beers, their Session IPA is a classic example of an American India Pale Ale, just with a lower ABV. Using 5 different hops from Australia and America, you don’t get quite the same punch from them as you do in a full strength IPA. However, they bring about a level of complexity that helps to emulate a bigger beer.

Siren, based in Reading, are a brewery who are are less afraid to make beers that deviate from the norm than pretty much anyone else. That’s not to say that they experiment for experiments sake, however. Whether it’s their single-hopped Berliner Weisse series, Calypso, or their 13.5% barrel aged white stout collaboration with Mikkeller, their beers are always on point. Constant experimentation is a big part of what they do, releasing the same beer with slight variations. This not only keeps things fresh and me spending money to try each variation, but it also means that you learn to notice and appreciate what different ingredients bring to the beer.

For the special offer beer we’ve gone with their oatmeal pale ale, Undercurrent. The use of oatmeal in the beer gives it a fuller body, a richer, more luxurious mouthfeel that really allow the hops to come through. There are awesome aromas and flavours of grapefruit and softer grapefruit that hit the palate with a nice bitter bite. This pale ale really stands out from the crowd!

Brooklyn brewery have become synonymous in the UK for their lager and, whilst it compromises about 50% of the beer they brew, they have some incredible beers in their range. They were set up by Steve Hindy, a home brewer who learnt his trade whilst working as a correspondent in the Middle East, and his neighbour Tom Potter. In Garrett Oliver they recruited a head brewer who has gone one to write some of the most comprehensive books on beer that are around.

The Sorachi Ace saison is a beer that Garrett Oliver created on the back of a napkin shortly after smelling the Sorachi Ace hop for the first time. Everything about this beer is designed to bring the most out of that hop. A light backbone with subtle peppery esters from the yeast are very much there to support the complex flavours and aromas the Sorachi Ace imparts upon the beer. There are layers of citrus fruits, with a slight dill herby savoury edge and a sweetness some people describe as being slightly like bubblegum. Sorachi Ace has gone on to become one of the most popular, sought after hops of all time and this is the beer that kick started all of that.

Alongside Bermondsey, Hackney, where Pressure Drop are based, is one of the biggest brewing hubs in London. Despite the fairly crowded beer scene there they still  manage to stand out from the crowd and are, in many people’s eyes, one of the top London breweries. Having put out their first beer in January 2013, they’ve gone from strength to strength. Although not the most prodigious of breweries in terms of the number of different beers they put out, each new release is nonetheless met with a fair amount of excitement.

Pale Fire is their flagship pale and is simply outstanding. Since we opened it has been a firm favourite with We Brought Beer customers, whether it’s people who are new to craft beer or hardened fanatics. Although they have a core recipe, there is often experimentation which occurs with this beer, the use of different hops or a slightly different malt bill. However, all the variations are incredibly crisp with wonderfully sharp, bitter finishes. As this beer comes directly from the brewery and always sells out quickly, you guarantee that when you get your hands on it, it is going to be as fresh as you could possibly want.