To celebrate offering home delivery via Hubbub, we’re taking 20% off five beers every week until the end of October. Not only that, but every order through our Hubbub will receive a fully stamped loyalty card worth £5.00 to spend in store. If that’s not enough to convince you, you’ll even receive £20 off your first order over £50 if you use the code WBB20 at check out!

With around 100 of our products on the website, there’s plenty for you to choose from, whether it’s bottled beer, cans, growlers or even our home brewing kit!

Below are the five beers that are on offer this week.

Brugse Zot, a beer name which translates as “Bruges Fools”, is a nod to the nickname the residents of Bruges have been given by their Flemish neighbours. Brewed in the Halve Maan Brewery inside the city walls, it has exploded in popularity – to such the extent that there is now a pipe running from the brewery to a bottling plant off site! Along with Hendrik, the other beer brand they share their brewery with, it is the only beer brewed within the city’s infamous walls.

The Brugse Zot Blond has only been brewed since 2005, however, in those 10 years it has become an incredibly loved beer. It is pale blonde, with a sweet malty aroma and a gentle, grassy characteristic. The beer is fairly well carbonated with a big white head that releases all those subtle, complex aromas. A fresh, gentle citrus and soft fruit flavour keep this beer drinkable despite it’s reasonably high 6.0% ABV. This is definitely a modern-day classic!

If we’re going to have a “canned beer” section, it makes sense to have one from the brewery that kickstarted the canned beer revolution! Having started as a brewpub in 1999, they began hand-canning their beers in 2002, before eventually investing in an automated one. This was at a time when pretty much all the other breweries still bottle their beer. However, the fact that cans protect beer better from light and oxygen, it made sense to go down that route.

Dale’s Pale Ale is their flagship beer and, at 6.5%, it’s pretty hefty! This high ABV allows for plenty of hop additions to the beer. A sweet, sticky, malt backbone lets the resinous, piny bitter hops shine. There are very few beers which showcase just what a proper American Pale Ale is supposed to taste like as much as this beer.

Founded in 2012, Harbour are based in North Cornwall, although are not actually based in a harbour. Their bottles have been an ever present on our shelves since we first opened. What’s brilliant about them is that their core range is incredibly approachable if you’re new to craft beer, but still enjoyable if you’re a seasoned drinker. Having recently installed a canning line, their beers are becoming a brilliant go-to choice when looking things that are easy drinking.

Harbour’s Light Ale is pretty much exactly what you would guess from the name. At 4.0% it is around the kind of ABV you’re looking for in a session peer. Neither the hops nor the malt dominate, instead they work together to provide a clean flavour and dry finish. The grassy, gentle bitterness gives just enough flavour to keep you interested, without overpowering the palate.

Founders Brewing Company are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and were founded in 1999. There has probably never been a point where there hasn’t been a single Founders beer in the shop, whether it’s their easy drinking All Day IPA, or the hugely sought after Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Consistently rated amongst the best breweries in the world, we’re always happy to recommend their beers because we know just how brilliant they are.

The All Day IPA was one of the first widely available session IPAs. First brewed to replace the lager that they were phasing out of their tap room, it was initially a seasonal but now composes about 50% of all the beer they brew – and they brew a lot of beer! Using Simcoe and Amarillo hops, it has the wonderfully complex, tropical fruit bitterness of bigger ABV IPAs. Although this won’t be mistaken for a 7.0% beer, it will nevertheless satisfy your hoppy cravings!

Partizan are a brewery who have probably taken as much of my money as any other. That’s because they’re consistently changing their recipes, altering the hop profile on top a consistent malt backbone. Their head brewer, Andy, started at Redemption before deciding to go his own way and opening in a railway arch in Bermondsey with The Kernel’s old kit. Their awesome, stylised, beer labels make them stand out from a lot of the other bottles on the shelves.

Their pale ale always comes out at a consistent 4.5% ABV. However, the use of fresh, new hops keeps things interesting. What’s incredible is that, despite constant tinkering, this beer almost always manages to be of a high quality. We’ve chosen this as our Local Beer for this weeks Hubbub because it is a great example of the constant search for new flavours and experimentation that we love in the craft beer scene.