To celebrate offering home delivery via Hubbub, we’re taking 20% off five beers every week until the end of October. Not only that, but every order through our Hubbub will receive a fully stamped loyalty card worth £5.00 to spend in store. If that’s not enough to convince you, you’ll even receive £20 off your first order over £50 if you use the code WBB20 at check out!

With around 100 of our products on the website, there’s plenty for you to choose from, whether it’s bottled beer, cans, growlers or even our home brewing kit!

Below are the five beers that are on offer this week.

Brasserie de Rochefort is a Belgian Trappist brewery that was founded in 1595. They produce three beers, the 6, 8 and 10, although the 8 was the only one they produced prior to 1952. The 10 is a genuinely world-class beer, loved by many people. It pours a deep reddish-brown colour with rich aromas and flavours of ripe, dark fruit, a sweet touch of caramel and some herbal hop bitter flavours on the finish. At 11.3% this is a very big beer, however, it has very little of an alcohol kick and is more warming.

This is a beer that is great for sipping at the end of the night. It’s bold flavours mean it can be enjoyed on its own. However, pairing it with a rich blue cheese or bitter, dark, chocolate cake allow each component to enhance the other and makes for incredibly luxurious food matchings.

Northern Monk, up in Leeds, are a brewery who have been around for a while, having begun in 2008. However, they only found their permanent home last year in Leeds. When their tap room, The Refectory, opened last October, it became one of the must-visit places for anyone who enjoys great beer. Then, in early September, just over a month ago, they released their core range into cans, and we fell in love with them.

The Eternal is their take on the session IPA, using the American hops, Simcoe and Centennial. This beer is hazy and pale, with only a slight hint of pale malts in the flavour. Instead it is dominated by all of the pithy, citrusy, pine characteristics that come from the hops. A clean, dry finish keeps it incredibly drinkable and makes this a great session IPA.

Here at We Brought Beer, we love The Wild Beer Co., we can never have enough of their beers in stock, and every new release makes us feel a tiny bit giddy. This is a bit of a cheeky choice for the “English Beer” because it is a Belgian style that has been heavily hopped using American hops. However, we love it so much that we’ve decided to include it anyway.

The Epic Saison truly is an epic beer. Using the American hop, Sorachi Ace, there are wonderfully lively citrus and complex tropical fruit flavours and aromas. Beneath this is a spiciness from the yeast with a slight bittersweet characteristic. These two components work perfectly together to create a true fusion of Belgian and American beer, brewed over in Somerset.

Yeastie Boys have a very empirical way of demonstrating just how well loved they are. Back in December 2014, they managed to raise NZ$500,000 in 30 minutes via a crowdfunding campaign. For some perspective, if they had left their crowdfunding campaign running as long as BrewDog’s has, they would have raised slightly over £450million. People like Yeastie Boys, a lot.

Part of this money raised has been put towards allowing them to contract brew out of BrewDog, so that we can get their beer in the UK as fresh as possible, and with the fewest air miles! The Gunnamatta is an earl grey IPA that has almost become a cult classic in some ways. There are flavours of grapefruit, hints of tea, refreshing lemon, a slight herby spiciness, some pepperiness – this is a complex beer that offers so much in terms of depth and flavour. This is an incredibly cool beer that is worth having, and then having again.

Weird Beard, based over in Acton, West London, are a brewery that know how to make fantastic beer. The two founders, Bryan and Gregg, were both very well renowned home brewers before they decided to chuck their lot in with each other and go full scale. They haven’t really looked back, constantly producing new and exciting beers whilst keeping an incredibly strong and dependable core range of beers ticking over.

Their Mariana Trench is probably their best selling beer. At 5.3% it’s what they call a transpacific pale ale, it uses American and Kiwi hops that sit on top of a malt backbone that is only there to provide support for them. They produce huge aromas and flavours of mango and soft grapefruit, a wonderfully balanced bitterness that never becomes overpowering. This is a great session beer that keeps you interested but stays easy drinking.